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Apr 30, 2007 04:18 PM

Retro Cafe in Reho Beach. Thoughts?

Has anyone eaten at the Retro Cafe in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware? Did you like it?

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  1. I eat there all the time, it is a great place. Friday morning Binets are the best. They are going to expand by July1 to the building next door and have a liquor license and then be open for dinner. The service, prices and atmosphere are great. Hope you get to try it.

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      We went there recently for weekend lunch and were totally underwhelmed. Current place is small & cramped (remodel may help); food took forever and was mediocre in quality. And the whole time our ears were assualted with broadway showtunes. You can do alot better at the beach than this pretentious dive.....

    2. Yes, I have eaten at the newly located Retro Cafe & Grille which is located next to te old location on Wilmington Ave. So far I've had the crab cakes for dinner and they were excellent. For breakfast I've enjoyed the fresh blueberry pancakes, they just melted in my mouth. The atmosphere and waiting staff is some of the best I've encountered in Rehoboth Beach. The Retro Cafe is looking good!

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        i ate at Retro Cafe yesterday. As per the fresh blueberry pancakes the blue berries were frozen. The smoothie was not fresh fruit it was frozen sugar syrup. It took about 30 minutes for our breakfast. They need a lot of help. quality is better at Green Man next door and a lot less expensive

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          I have heard that Green Man is great. Is Green Man just a restaurant or do they sell food products too?