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Apr 30, 2007 04:00 PM

Neighborhood, not trendy, in Meatpacking Dist.

We rented a studio to explore this district only to learn it's become the hottest spot for trendy restaurants and clubbing. (We just hope we'll be able to sleep nights.) Are there still affordable good eats in this neighborhood? We'll need breakfasts daily, an end-of -day cafe, and places for a satisfying weeknight meal. Also, if anyone knows of a place with good take-out (with cold beer) in case we just need to collapse on reaching our 4th-floor walkup.

In addition, we would welcome knowing of your favorite (moderate) dinner spots elsewhere in Manhattan. So far, we know we want to re-visit Coppola's, which has a traditional Italian menu, but we're game for other ethnic or American (is there a difference?) cuisines. Thanks.

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  1. There is a great Italian restaurant on Hudson and Bank called Valdino West. It's a few blocks South of the Meat Packing District. Delicious and quaint, I highly recommend it for dinner.

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      Thanks, zoeterry. Will definitely check out Valdino West. Any other recommendations , not necessarily Italian, elsewhere in Manhattan? I know it would help if I could say what kind of food, but as important as the food is the feeling of being made welcome. Lots of restaurants serve wonderful food, but not that many make you want to come back again and again. I can only think of a couple, one in La Spezia, Italy, and a little French restaurant in San Francisco.

    2. Lots of options in neighboring Chelsea and W Vill. Near you, I really like Crispo, La Nacional, and Cafe de Bruxelles. Tavern on Jane is a good neighborhood spot.

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        Thanks, Lucia. I'll look them up. How about someplace in the area for breakfast? Last trip I liked going to the Columbus Cafe for it's sunny view onto the street, good coffee, and huge choice of rolls, bagels and pastries. But an honest, old fashioned luncheonette that does eggs and potatoes right would also be fine.

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          Plenty of places for breakfast. For something quick, Chelsea Market, La Bergamote (croissants), or, a bit further, Patisserie Claude. For sit down, Florent is great and is open for breakfast all week. Pastis also has weekday breakfasts. I like Tavern on Jane for brunch. Otherwise, good, Elephant & Castle, Tour, Le Gamin. I haven't been to Morandi for dinner because I've heard too many negative reviews, but I went for brunch this past weekend and thought it was great.

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            Lucia, thanks for the breakfast leads. I'm filling a notebook with these and other Chowhound suggestions. Madeleine