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Apr 30, 2007 03:59 PM

Baja-Style Fish Tacos in New Orleans????

My wife just returned from visiting her mother Orange County, CA. Much to her chagrin, they didn't go out for Tex-Mex once. Specifically, she didn't get her "fix" of fish tacos on this trip and now I'm hungering for them too. I only know of two places in the area that serves them in any style--Crabby Jack's (didn't care for them) and Cafe 59 in Abita Springs/Mandeville (pretty good)--but they're both grilled. Now, generally I love grilled fish, but I want the genuine West Coast Baja-Style fried fish taco--lightly battered (tempura is good) and served w/ shredded cabbage, cilantro, and a great sauce on a soft tortilla.

Anyone know of any place in the area that serves such??? I'll travel from Baton Rouge to Biloxi. Thanks.

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  1. Juan's Flying Burrito does them this way.

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    1. re: Frolic

      And Taqueria Coronoa has a fish taco on the menu, too. I've never ordered it, so I can't say if the fish is fried or grilled.

      1. re: Hungry Celeste

        It's grilled. No batter, tempura or otherwise. Definitely not the West Coast Baja-style. Pretty good though.

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          I just had fried redfish tacos at Sun Ray Grill the other day. I realize it is not really a Mexican joint, but fish tacos are fish tacos. They were fairly good. The batter was a little too heavy, but otherwise yummy. Using redfish adds a little NOLA flavor. They were a special, though, not on the regular menu. You might want to keep half an eye on their website to see if they ever feature them as a special again.

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          the taqueria corona fish taco is fried and just as NOLAFrank described: cabbage, zesty mayo-based sauce, soft flour tortilla. they are very good.

          juan's fish tacos are grilled.

          the only other fried fish tacos i've encountered are at felipe's. they are smaller than taqueria corona, but very good. i would put taqueria corona first with felipe's a close second.

      2. I just re-read your post, and I know that you stated BR to Biloxi, but I know that Coyote Blues in Lafayette has fried fish tacos.

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          Ooooh... Coyote Blues is good. I love their Crab Enchiladas with those different sauces.

        2. Superior Grill on St. Charles has the best fish tacos in town. However, I'm not sure if they offer a fried version.

          I've had them at Juan's and the fish was fishy. And I've had them at Crabby Jack's...they were fresh, but not baja style by any means. Jack's uses hard blue corn shells, with cheese and lettuce.

          Superior Grill uses a nice firm white fish (halibet, mahi-mahi or wahoo are the best) that is grilled over mesquite wood in a soft corn tortilla. They serve three per combo, with freshly shredded cabbage, pico de gallo, cucumber-cilantro sauce, a couple of lime wedges and sides of rice and beans.

          I've had fish tacos in Austin Texas, and Superior Grill is as good or better than Wahoo's Fish Tacos.

          1. They are great @ Friends!

            Friends Coastal Restaurnt
            407 St. Tammany St., Madisonville, LA 70447

            1. I've had them everywhere in the area that serve them. There's nothing that approaches the ones in Southern California. It pains me but then again I wouldn't go to Southern California for a poboy either.