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Apr 30, 2007 03:53 PM

Yasuda or Ushi Wakamaru

We are about to have our first omakase experience and the reviews I've read about the "attitude" at Yasuda make me alittle leary about going there. but we want to have the best experience we can so what do you fellow cw"s suggest. In advance, thanks for your imput.

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  1. Yasuda at the counter in front of Yasuda is the ultimate omakase experience.

    1. What "attitude" have you seen from other reviews about Yasuda? My experiences there have always been wonderful.

      1. While I've not eaten at the sushi bar, I've not encountered any attitude at Yasuda - to the contrary, patience as I've negotiated the menu and decided what to order, with helpful feedback from the wait staff.

        1. Yasuda himself exudes a certain smugness which can be offputting after a while and myself and others have commented on this before. His anecdotes I find endearing for the first few minutes but by the end of the sitting, I'm very ready to leave his self-indulgence behind. They also had a comically inexperienced and bad waiter last time I was there but that's nothing to do with attitude.

          It's personal preference really - Hideo san at Ushi Wakamaru is an altogether more jovial and understated individual than Yasuda san. Buy Hideo san a Sapporo or two and you're away.

          Foodwise the sushi/sashimi at both places is exceptional, you won't go wrong with either so make sure to try both places one after the other. You'll enjoy the various contrasts in style, setting, menu structure and of course itamae personality.

          1. I had omakase sushi in front of Yasuda last week. I'm not a regular, I go maybe once every few months. I thought he offered excellent and kind service. He explained the rare pieces when I showed particular interest. My memorable piece -- red crab liver. Total for two not including tip was about $180.