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Apr 30, 2007 03:39 PM

Fresh Garbanzo Ideas?

Any killer ideas for preparing fresh garbanzos? In Mexico they are steamed & eaten like Edamame at some cantinas, or dressed up with Crema, Cotija, Powdered Chile & Lime Juice (like Street Style Corn) or used to replace dried garbanzos in Barbacoa.

I am not familiar with any other preparations (and the mentioned ones don't quite inspire me to shell out the $3.99 a pound they ask at my local Mexican market).

Any killer ideas?

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  1. I love garbanzo's. How 'bout cooking in a little salt water 'till softened, then add to a roasted tomato and eggplant dish. Easy to make. I use Zergut's products (Armenian/mid-east markets). I would buy 1 jar of roasted eggplant and 1 jar of roasted pepper spread and a can of sliced/diced tomatoes, with garlic or ? Then in a sauce pan, roast fresh garlic and onion w/evoo, add sliced mushrooms then both the jars, tomatoes and the cooked garbanzos. S and P to taste. Pour over rice. YUMMO! (Even a little zucchini might be good too). Or, you can make your own, homemade, hummus. I also love G's in a salad of fresh cut toms, cuc's. Chop the toms and cube the cuc's. Finely mince fresh mint and add to veges and G's. Mix fresh lemon w/ S and P and EVOO to flavor. Light and refreshing! Kick up a knotch with sliced avocado.

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      I LOVE crunchy roasted garbanzos. I got this idea from Patricia Wells in her Provence Cookbook: Toss them with oil and salt-plenty of salt, and your favorite spices if you want-then roast them at 450 (so she says, actually I have done it at 400 and 425 and they come out great) for about 25 or 30 minutes. Keep an eye on them when they start to get brown because they go from crunchy and perfect to burnt in no time. They should be completely crunchy when done-not chewy or soft. I know it sounds like some healthy or Atkins-inspired snack but they are absolutely addictive.

      You can use these on salads like a crouton besides just eating them plain.

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        Totally second this - they are great. But be careful not to eat too many... they ahem... may change the rest of your day if you do.


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          Wow. That sounds great. Thanks for the idea!

      2. $3.99 pp is the same price I found at our vaunted Ranch Market in Phoenix, AZ but was pleasantly surprised to find them at Sprouts Market for 99 cents pp. Bought a couple of pounds to play with.

        I soaked them overnight-plus a couple of hours based on past experiences with some old very dry garbanzos that never really softened during cooking. Cooked these for about an hour at a slow simmer.

        Made a salad first: doused about 2 C of warm beans w/ the juice of a lemon & several glugs of EVOO, SPTT. Left them to absorb the liquid while I made some very tasty hummus that we ate right away. Warm fresh hummus was a first for me and deliciously different from the chilled variety.

        Back to the salad, added diced leftover roasted red bell peppers, handful of chopped parsley, some basil and smashed garlic. I made a dressing in the blender using toasted pine nuts, EVOO, more parsley, lemon juice & garlic. I figured to keep the Mediterranean garlic-lemon thing going and was quite pleased with the results. Tossed it together and let sit in the refrigerator for several hours.

        Leftovers were tossed w/ shrimp & avocado and served on a bed of Romaine w/ fresh tomatoes. These both are "Do Again" in my book.

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          Question.... why did you soak the fresh Garbanzos?

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            Lordy, it would have helped if I'd read your whole post! I missed the word "fresh" and went straight into my answer assuming dried beans. Sorry. Think I'll declare Happy Hour is here, obviously I need a break.

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              Ah hah! I thought you really meant fresh...and you do. So many people buy pre-cooked canned that they think fresh = dried.

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                Saute them olive oil and cumin ,salt and chili powder.
                Maybe a little panchetta.

                Quick and tasty~