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Where to find Diamond Crystal kosher salt?

Is this a speciality salt? I can't seem to find it in a local grocery store or even at Whole Foods Market. I hear it is highly rec. for salt & I want to get started using it soon :)


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  1. I think I've seen them in Smart & Final.

    1. Try the baking aisle, or maybe the kosher/foreign foods aisle.

      It comes in a big red and white rectangular box usually.

      1. Regular supermarkets (Safeway, Albertson's, etc) in the Southwest carry it in the Kosher Foods section. The red/white/black box is about 12" tall and I usually find it on the bottom shelf. Keep searching, it's worth it.

        1. I believe distribution is regional with Diamond on the East Coast and Morton's more common on the West. They don't measure the same but do function the same so look online for conversions.

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            As posted, I live in Phoenix, Arizona and have Diamond Kosher salt all over town. We have Morton's Kosher salt as well. I prefer the Diamond.

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              In the Seattle area Morton's is easier to find, but some stores also carry Diamond. An 'upscale' market is more likely to have Diamond.

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                In the Seattle area, QFC stores will generally have Diamond Crystal (I believe they have Morton's as well.) The once a blue moon or so I need to replenish my supply, I don't have any trouble finding it.

          2. I don't know where you're located exactly, but in New York, I've purchased this salt at Fairway in Red Hook, Brooklyn. I'm sure they carry it at the other New York Fairway locations as well.

            1. I am in Southern California and I had some difficulty finding it at the local markets. I did, however, find it at Whole Foods.

              Ask, because perhaps it is not where you might suspect, or they might be able to order it for your store.

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                It is available at Smart & Final stores in SoCal, and it's really cheap there - under $3 for a two-pound box. I prefer it to Morton's because it's evaporated flakes instead of crushed rock salt.

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                  And yet another reason that I prefer the Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt is that the ingredient is: Salt, while the Morton's ingredients are: Salt and Yellow Prussiate of Soda (an anti-caking agent). Even if this added ingredient is "harmless," I prefer to limit the "agents" I ingest.

              2. I assume you are in the Chicago area since you have posted on that board before. Since the Morton Salt Company is headquartered here, their product is what you will usually find displayed prominently at the supermarkets (Diamond is in Michigan). Dominick's might carry it, but you may have better luck looking in smaller ethnic markets or restaurant supply houses (quite a few on Madison are open to the public).

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                  LabRat is right. diamond is more common here in MSP with morton's second. I would ask around in the chicago board-- try asking about kosher delis with grocery areas.

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                    In Chicago, The Spice House on Wells carries Diamond. It's where I always get mine.

                2. Cash & Carry (an Inland Empire version of Smart & Final)
                  COSTCO sometimes has it

                  1. I've been using Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt for 50 years -- it's all over the place -- well, in New York, anyway. Here's a tip: I recently discovered that David's Kosher Salt is superior. Excellent texture -- almost as good for sprinkling as Malden Flake from UK.

                    1. They sell both DC and Mortons at just about every supermarket I know of in Boston.