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Apr 30, 2007 03:30 PM

Tell me about YOUR dutch baby

So I'm newly obsessed. This is the easiest thing ever to make and it looks impressive. Plus I scored a Cooking Light recipe that only uses 2 eggs and little sugar and it's dang good.

Last night was a bit of chocolate sprinked on top and a drizzling of kaluha on top. Any favorite recipes/variations out there?

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  1. Can you share your Cooking Light version? It sounds delightful.

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    1. re: Haughtywench

      My first thought was, "what's a dutch baby?" Now that I've googled it, I'd love to try that Cooking Light version too!

      1. re: dietfoodie

        hahah, mine too! Damn, I wish I had a cast iron skillet!

        1. re: daily_unadventures

          fresh fruit (strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries are my favorites) and a small sprinkle of powdered sugar. mmmm. haven't made 'em in a while. it used to be almost a daily thing with my ex.

          1. re: daily_unadventures

            You don't have to use a cast-iron skillet--I've even done it in a 8x8 square baking pan. It won't get crispy in the same way, but it'll still puff up and be delicious.

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        1. I make an apple cinnamon dutch baby every Sunday morning for my DH, loosely based on the banana version from MB, however, he manages to devour the entire thing, in one sitting.

        2. i have been obsessed with popovers recently and delved into a Dutch Baby this past weekend - but mine puffed and looked great but was soggy in the center and was swimming in a pool of butter? is that normal? or did I use too much butter?

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          1. re: deliciousnyc

            Hmm, not normal from my experience. It mjay be the butter, or how many eggs did you use?

            1. re: lrostron

              i'd have to double check since im at work....but i used the Joy of Cooking and it was some odd measurement like 5 1/3 tbsp.......heated up in the pan and then add the batter, cook for a minute and pop it in the did puff but was soupy/buttery in the center - i couldn't even really eat it.....had to eat around the edges.......

              1. re: deliciousnyc

                The Joy of Cooking recipe I think has too much butter. But then again - my husband is always accusing me of using too little fat in my cooking! I use much less or even just grease the pan with butter. For a healthier version, I have used more egg whites than yolks, low fat milk or yogurt and it has been fine - especially when I put on roasted apples or pears with honey and spices with it.

              2. re: lrostron

                OMG - i just re-read the Cooking Light recipie and I used WAAAY too much butter!

                1. re: deliciousnyc

                  There you go! Try it again, you'll love them. Mine is not a healthful version, at all, based more on a traditional Norweigan recipe.

            2. is there a way to make a single-serving recipe? because if i make a whole one, i'll eat it all.

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              1. re: piccola

                I think you could make it in a ramekin, but it would be more of a popover...worth a shot - it is going to be good no matter what!