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Apr 30, 2007 03:18 PM

R & G Lounge must-eats?

Coming into SF for a few days and our first reservation is at R & G Lounge. Any recommendations on must-order items? I've heard great things about their salt & pepper crab and steamed fish. We are only a party of 3 but have big appetities! Also, has anyone experienced a difference in the food quality/service on the different floors? Thanks!

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  1. I always order the R&G beef whenever I eat there.

    1. The buzz is to order the pepper-salt crab if nothing else (or is it "and nothing else?")

      I'll warn you that the one time we ordered it it was so atrocious we never went back. You are coming at the tail end of Dungeness crab season, so you stand a chance of getting a reasonably fresh one. We got the one named Methuselah.

      1. S&P crab is certainly the most popular, but you can also request it done stir fried with ginger and scallion (also excellent in its own right when crab is in season) which is an older school prep. I personally adore the S&P scallops.

        Practically anything under the menu section chef's specials/recommendations are good, like soy sauce chicken, prawns stuffed on top of steamed tofu. R&G beef is nice and tastes like Singaporean style beef jerky for some strange reason. I also enjoyed their vegetarian abalone, which at a whopping $18 ish, is quite the economic adventure.

        Top floor service can vary, but it is a slightly more secluded/quiet environment and not as busy and hectic as downstairs.

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          yes, the R&G beef is really good. we get things on the chef's special. i've never eaten upstairs, and didn't know you could. but upstairs looks nice.. downstairs is just a room with fish tanks, tables, and chairs... don't expect any kind of ultra "ambiance" downstairs... it's more cozy and familiar if you are used to that =)

          happy eating!

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            There are three floors where diners are served, or at least there were before R&G closed for remodeling. How's the "after" look?

          2. I had deep fried catfish once and it was good (almost as good as the ones I had in Texas.)

            1. I high recommend the braised beef with daikon in clay pot. That is definitely my must have over the S&P crab (even though the crab is pretty good). Gary is right tho - you are coming at the end of Dungeness Crab season. Get the crab tho if this is going to be you only chance to go to R&G because the thin batter is pretty darn tasty. The beef with diakon in clay pot to highly addictive - I can have it everyday and twice on Sundays.