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Apr 30, 2007 03:02 PM

Dinner between westside and downtown?

Going to the music center tonight and looking for reasonably priced restaurant recommendations between santa monica and downtown. Thanks!

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  1. what about dinning below the music center. kendall's brasserie

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    1. re: rickym13

      Have only had lunches at that place, but every meal I've had there has been subpar.

      1. re: Snoopy

        If you're willing to get off the 10 fwy take Fairfax North a bit to a Thai place called Chao Krung. Or closer to the 10 fwy, there are many new places in downtown Culver City. Or maybe try Ciudad's downtown at 5th & Figueroa. They have great food but service tends to be slower.

        1. re: Snoopy

          Taylor's in KTown. Steakhouse.
          Papa Cristos near Normandie and Pico. Greek
          Soot Bull Jeep if you don't mind smelling like a BBQ afterward.
          El Nido--Nicaraguan--I pass it everyday on La Brea a couple blocks north of the 10 but I've never eaten there. Have any of you eaten here?

      2. Kendall's Brasserie and Ciudad are my two favorite sit-down restaurants downtown.

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        1. re: brandygirl

          La Terza on Third Street & Orlando is good.
          El Cholo on Western
          What about Opus One on Wilshire & Western?

          1. re: Ndelible

            El Caserio on Virgil and Temple for wonderful Ecuadorian food. Don't be put off by the strip mall, the restaurant is very nice inside. Afterwards it's only about 2 miles straight down Temple to the Music Center at Temple and Grand.

            1. re: eaglerockchick

              I must 2nd El Casserio as well. Some of the dishes are similar to the Don Felix next door (which is Peruvian) but much more flavorful.