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Apr 30, 2007 02:57 PM

Sushi recommendations near New Brunswick

Anyone have any good sushi recommendations in New/North/East Brunswick areas or vicinity. I'm having a craving and will probably just have my husband pick up something on the way home from work...

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  1. you should try makkoli. that's in east brunswick on rte 18 . it's a buffet.

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      I'm a huge fan of Makkoli. Is it the best sushi in the world?? Obviously not. But it aint bad and for 12 bucks for lunch, you can eat your face off. Besides a nice assortment of sushi(white tuna, salmon, red snapper, mackerel, red clam, octopuss, egg and more) and rolls(spicy salmon/tuna, alaska,philly, california, dragon, shrimp tempura and more) they have a few different soups and a nice assortment of hot foods including shrimp tempura, lo mein, beef negamaki, pot stickers, shrimp dumplings, and beef teriyaki along with a bunch of others. For dinner they also include a decent amount more sushi and sashimi along with some hibachi. Dinner costs a bit more, around $20 or so. If your looking for gourmet sushi, this is not your place, but if your looking for decent food at a good price and wanna eat til you explode, this place has your name written all over it

    2. Wasabi House is respectable on Tices Lane at Rt 18. East Brunswick; Dont know if they are open Mondays though...

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        go to edo on easton ave, next to the golden rail- its a really small place but the guys there are really awesome- great fresh fish and reasonably priced...its also a BYOB...
        always have a great time there w. friends and the food is sooo good

      2. Edo is the best in new brunswick (way better than sapporo) but a new place just opened on George Street called Hotoke Sushi Lounge. Looks very swanky and hip. Literally just opened its doors this week.

        1. For takeout... I'd hit the Hong Kong Asian Market on Route 18 South in EB. There is a sushi place located in the mall, but not in the market itself. Great sushi to-go.

          I enjoy makkoli for ayce sushi.

          Also like Jo-su (sp?), on Cedar Grove Lane in Somerset (off Easton Ave). Pricey, but excellent.

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            I agree. When we visit my mom, we go to the super market and get 6 mo. worth of specialty foods to take back to No. Maine. On our way out we have some sushi and buy some more for the cooler for the drive back.