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Apr 30, 2007 02:55 PM

Need help remembering name of seafood restaurant in Queens.....

Last Memorial day, my wife and I(from Florida) went to dinner at a seafood restaurant in Queens, on Borden Avenue, near the ferry dock that takes you over to Manhattan. We're going back to the city this year, but I've forgotten the name of the place. It was a seafood/Italian/steak place, decorated on an old "boxing" motif......serving excellent food, at a moderate price(for NYC).....with some of the more gargantuan protions that we'd ever been served. Seriously, we each ate for a whole extra day on the leftovers.

Can any of you NYC/Outer Boroughs hounds help me out with the name of the place?? Thanks

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    1. Yes it's Waterfront. Ive never been there. A lot of my old-school Brooklyn friends who love food worship this place. But I think people on this board seem to hate it. So your post is interesting to me. If you're from Florida, you know seafood.