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Apr 30, 2007 02:50 PM

Italian bakery in Stamford?

I had a fantastic cake with a cannoli filling from a bakery in Stamford with an italian name that is escaping me now. I have to bring a cake for an event and would love to find that bakery. . .can anyone please suggest a few that I might call to see if they sell them? Thanks.

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  1. Was it Di Mare? I think there's one in Stamford, but I always go to the one in the Riverside Commons shopping center just off exit 5.

    1. There is one at 605 Newfield Ave named Beldotti's which has great cakes. They also carry kosher.

      The other is DiMare off Hope Street behind the Springdale Train Station. They have a wide selection of cakes as well as cream filled cupcakes.

      1. There's a place called Sal's Pastry something or other on High Ridge Road. Across from Lord & Taylor, in the same strip mall as Kam Pei.

        There's also Corelli's Pastry shop on Stillwater road. (is this the place that's now colombian?)

        Never been to either, just know them from passing by many times. No idea on quality. Addresses below:

        Corelli's Pastry Shop
        166 Stillwater Ave, Stamford, CT
        (203) 348-0686

        Sal's Pastry Shop
        91 High Ridge Rd, Stamford, CT
        (203) 323-0789

        1. There's a very good Italian bakery called "Sals" in the Bull's Head shopping center right at the base of High Ridge Road. I usually get the small pastries or cookies, but they have what looks like a good selection of cakes as well.

          It's across the street from Lord & Taylors.

          1. It has to be DiMare's. That cake is a standard at every wedding and birthday party that I know we have been to including my own every year. The Stamford bakery is in Springdale off of Hope Street. I believe the actual street address is Largo Drive. They also have a much smaller bakery in Riverside on the Post Road. The one in Stamford is larger and has a much bigger selection. Good luck and enjoy your cake.