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Apr 30, 2007 02:47 PM

restaurant recs near Uniondale, Long Island

I have my 20th hs reunion coming up and would love some good restaurant recommendations for dinner beforehand. While I'm from LI, I am not familiar with Uniondale or anything nearby. We love all Asian cuisines, Latin and Italian and are not particularly price sensitive. Friend's husband is kosher so I'm guessing we'd need some vegetarian or fish options on the menu. thanks!

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  1. what immediately comes to mind for a 20th reunion (HS or Coll?) is West End Cafe on Glen Cove Rd. and Ruth Chris' Steakhouse on Old Country Rd. Otherwise the pickings are kind of slim in that area.Enjoy

    1. Because of the Uniondale location, I'm assuming the reunion is at the LI Marriot. Close by on Hemp tpke heading East is Runyon's, dependable for bar food. The best Asian is Fortune Wheel, again heading East on the tpke in Levittown. On the Latin front there is a Dominican place in Uniondale on the corner of Uniondale Ave. and Front Street. Very good fresh food. Back in the day was the Uniondale Diner. If you head North on Merrick Ave. once you hit Old Country Road there is Baci for Italian on the corner or head East on OCR and on the left you will see Steve's Piccolo Bussola for family style Italian. Very good. Have a great reunion.

      1. I work in Uniondale, and there are not a lot of great choices in the immediate area. Azerbaijan in Westbury on the corner of Merrick and Old Country Roads is a very good little Turkish/Mediterranean place that has plenty of fish and some vegetarian options. It's in a nondescript strip mall, but is surprisingly nice inside. Down the street on Old Country Road are Yuki's Palette and Shogi, two pretty decent sushi restaurants. Lemonleaf Grill in Carle Place across from Roosevelt Field is a dependable Thai place, but sort of a dive inside. I agree about the West End Cafe recommendation. The place can be loud, but the food is good and inventive. I'm not a big fan of Baci-- I find the food to be more about portions than quality. Rialto in Carle Place is expensive, but the food is good and the atmosphere is nice. There are not many good Italian options in the area, in my opinion.