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best fries in Dallas

any thoughts? Personally I like my fries crispy, slightly browned and salty. I'm not crazy about cheesy fries, but feel free to comment if you're passionate about some :)

My votes are:
Tio's Tortas

both are thin format... what's missing in Dallas is a good source of somewhat thicker fries with a good crispy exterior - similar to what I remember from a childhood trip to Brussels.

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  1. Houston's is the only place that I know that delivers those kind of fries...They are wonderful! Outside of that, you would almost have to make a trip to New York, where fries like that are plentiful...

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      Houston's? No, no, no! The best fries in Dallas (now that GEORGE closed) are the sea salt fries at Hibiscus.

      The best fries in the DFW area are the garlic fries at the Ballpark in Arlington.


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        Well I DO love the ones at Houston's, but yes the fries at Hibiscus are great...as well as everything else on their menu....

    2. Have you tried the fries from Wingstop? They are some of the best. I hear they put some kind of sugar/salt mix on them. I wish I knew for sure....if anyone knows pass the info along.

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        I have not - but some friends recommended that I try them. They corroborate the sugar/salt coating. Sounds kind of strange to me, but I'll give it a try. Thanks!

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          I have nailed that recipe down like cedar shake on a roof top. It took me a few times, and had to eat a few paper boats of tasty Wingstop fries, but it this is what I came up with. I used a four to one mixture of a white seasoning salt to sugar. I forget the specific brand of seasoning salt I used, but they carry it at United Market Street. It is similar to Lawry's, but not quite as salty. I think it uses more of the powders (garlic, onion, etc.) than the salts for those flavors. The name has Texas in it. I hand cut some spuds leaving about four good sized strips of skin on them, soaked them, then deep fried, seasoning immediately after removing them from the fryer. Doing this while the fries are hot lets the sugar sort of glaze on there. They were a huge hit at my last Monday Night Football Party. I served them with a Homemade Jalapeno Ranch Dip.

        2. I was going to recommend Tio's Tortas as well. Not only are the tortas incredibly good but the fries are also great.

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            I just wish that their fries were more reliable. Today, for instance, they were a bit undercooked. When done right, though, they're incredible.

          2. The fries at Top Cat on Lemmon are the thicker style and very good. If you wanted them extra crispy, I'm sure they could accommodate you.

            Some of the best fries I've ever had were at Chuy's during their green chili festival some years back. Subsequent visits were a disappointment though.

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              I like the jerk frites that Cuba Libre serves. Although not as good as classic Belgian fries, they are crisp and have good seasoning

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                I love the fries at The Old Monk..yum

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                  I'll second the Old Monk and Houstons and would also add Balls Hamburgers. I don't like the burgers, but the fries are right up there IMO.

            2. i like the salt & vinegar fries at Oceannaire. Excellent.

              1. Houston's is the best. Thin and crispy. Is Snuffer's still on Greenville? They used to have pretty good fries - of course we were drinking lots of margaritas. So who knows.

                1. I like the fries at Toulouse, although many times I have to ask them to send them back the first time around because they are not hot or crispy enough. But when they come out that second time...oh, man. Wrapped in a paper cone, served with mayo. It doesn't get much better.

                  1. I used to love the fries at George with the truffle oil. George did do some things well.

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                      wow - that sounds pretty incredible. Sadly, I never managed to get there before they closed.

                    2. I love a good fry, although until recently I haven't been able to find a fry worhty of any attention. The fries at Big D's Dogs, a funky little hot dog shop off of lower Greenville, were delicious, they are handcut and fried to a crispy perfection and hand-tossed with sea salt to coat each fry with its own seasoning. Also, the garlic fries were amazing and made with real garlic and butter, they are becoming a new excuse for me to drive from north Dallas for lunch. Bon Appetit!

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                        Better than the garlic fries at the Ballpark?


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                          Please share where to get the garlic fries at the ball park. I guess I've never even looked at anything but "dogs".


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                            Well, I'll try. I think it's the first food stand that comes after gate 2, but when drinking at the Park, things get a little hazy.


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                              I had those garlic fries at the Ballpark last night and they are pretty darn good. Get them well done or crispy--they are glad to cook them that way. The booth is down the first base line, near the right field corner. The stand is next to the "Coney Island" booth that has the best hot dogs at the ballpark.

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                                Well I'm glad you liked them! And that's a much better description of where to get them too!


                        2. Cuba Libre jerk frittes are good. Good seasoning and crunch.

                          1. So this doesn't exactly count, but I had the yucca root at La Duni yesterday. Delicious. They may have been panko coated, but they definitely had some lemon and seasoning on them. The yucca was almost custardy and the crust was almost uniformly crunchy. I rarely eat fried starches, but I could not stop eating these things.

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                              Mmmm...Yes, the yucca fries are one of my favorite things at La Duni...Fantastic!

                            2. Salt and vinegar fries at Oceanaire ( a small order of fries and a crabcake make a perfect lunch);
                              Crispy fries from Central 214 (great with the ridiculously priced $23 medium rare hanger steak);
                              Sweet potato fries at Cafe Pacific--addictive;
                              and, yes, the fries (order them well done) from Wing Stop are very, very good.

                              1. The Meridian Room has the best fries. And The Libertine Bar rivals them.

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                                  That's because they are owned by the same people.

                                2. Idle Rich Pub on McKinney. We are always continuously ordering frites. My absolute favorite in Dallas. (So far)

                                  Mercy wine bar in Addison makes "Killer Frites" Parmesan and Truffle oil are added. Tasty.

                                  1. One more reco. The fries at Fat Catz Lousiana Kitchen in Terrell are really good. They are medium thickness, very crunchy and they have a semi sweet and salty flavor to them. Probably my favorite fries right now. Their sliced fried jalapenos are also very good.