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Apr 30, 2007 02:08 PM

Auburn, NY restaurant recs?

Hello, my husband and I will be driving to Watertown, NY and was planning to stop over at Auburn, NY for dinner maybe. Can anybody give me recommendations on where to eat?


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  1. Excellent food, reasonable price : 3 neighborhood rest.--- "Balloons", "Michaels", "The Hollywood". For a little elegance[ low key] go to "The Springside". For larger servings, but a little noisey try "Lascas"
    Bon appetit, Hoffy

    1. I'm afraid I'm not a fan of any of the places hoffy recommends. Balloons and Hollywood are nothing special. Michaels is a bit more expensive nothing special. Lasca's is big portions, but the sauce is basically crushed tomatos and salt. Springside is a lovely setting. The food varies from nothing special to inedible. The lobster newburg tasted fishy and salty, like it was straight out of a can. Honestly, I avoid all of those places.

      There is a surprisingly good restaurant in Weedsport (7 miles north of Auburn at Thruway Exit 40). It is called the Old Erie Restaurant and it is right on the main drag (Rt 34) in the center of the village across from the KeyBank. The owners are a couple of CIA graduates, and they are good cooks. The fried chicken is very good, and my wife has even gotten a good steak there. The desserts include coconut cream pie that is homemade and worth the trip alone. The wine list is very heavy on New York state, which I don't care for, but the bartender made a good martini.

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        I second the Old Erie. Best food in the area.

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          An update on the Old Erie: I was planning on stopping there but found out that the CIA graduate owners decided to retire and have sold the restaurant. The new family will reopen the restaurant on Friday August 30.

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            Well that's somewhat disappointing! We ate at the Old Erie and it was absolutely wonderful. My friend was in heaven over their mixed berry cobbler. I hope the new owners do the food justice.

        2. You might want to try The Restaurant at Elderberry Pond, an elegant old farm house specializing in fresh, organic foods. It's just outside Auburn, but you'll need directions from their web site:

          1. Thank you for the recommendations. The website on the elderberrypond really looks nice! I am considering that place. What do you recommend over there?

            1. I respectfully disagree with the comments re' "neighbor rest. " ,but strongly agree with the suggestion of Elderberry Pond. It's in Sennett, outside of Auburn and easy to find.


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                Hoffy sounds like you and I are in agreement on Auburns Rest, but try Taylor's it's new food is good prices are great family style casual,nice owners