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Apr 30, 2007 02:07 PM

Dinner 2nite at Tacos Lupita

What should i get if i am not a chicken eater???

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  1. If you eat beef I would recommend a steak burrito. If you eat pork I would recommend a roast pork burrito or get a roast pork taco combo. You will get 3 roast pork tacos with rice and beans for $6.99. The burritos and tacos are very good at Tacos Lupita.

    1. Cheese pupusa
      steak tacos
      pork tacos
      pork quesadilla (giant and enough for 2 meals)
      steak or pork huaraches

      I pass on the gorditas and I thought the torta was sub-par on my last visit. Never even tried a burrito.

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        Both the al pastor and chorizo are quite good. If you just request pork, I think you get al pastor but you can also specifically request the deliciously greasy chorizo.

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          I was there this past weekend and they seem to have changed their menu. Pupusas are not listed on the glossy menu but they have a handwritten sign that says they still have them. Had a nice al pastor mulita and a carne asada taco which were both excellent (as always). The horchata was nice - a bit sweet for my taste - but not gritty as it sometimes gets.

        2. Al pastor (roast pork) Quesadilla would be enough for me, but the closest Lupito's to me is closed on Mondays. : (

          1. Ask them to turn down/off the dang TV while you're there, will ya?