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Apr 30, 2007 01:52 PM

Best steaks in Montreal???????

According to the travel section, of the Sunday New York Times; Steak fites are served in Paris, "sagnair" or chewy.
Which restaurant in Montreal serves the best, "tender like butter" steaks?

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  1. Are you looking for French bistro or American steakhouse?

    Most french bistros/brasserie type places will make you a great onglet (hanger steak) or bavette (skirt steak) with some decent to great fries.

    The onglet and frites at Lemeac is excellent. Onglet is one my favourite steak cuts. It has a slightly gamey taste and tender texture. You might not be able to get it cooked "sagnair". but you could always ask for it "saignant". ;-)

    I don't know much about Amercian style steakhouses. They're really not my thing.

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      What other restaurants in Montreal are serving onglet(hanger steak)?

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        I don't know, I used to get all the time for lunch at Laika. They had it at least once a week. I've seen it served at Reservoir. I'm sure I've seen it on other menus, but I couldn't name them from memory.

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          Please excuse my mispelling, I meant saignant.
          Out of the top steak houses in Montreal, also Mediteranean, and Bistrot;
          which serves the best aged, or well marbled cuts like T Bone, Rib Eye or bone in Sirloin, I have heard about Que de Cheval, Moishe's, Gibby's, Le Keg, and Le Ferriera, and Reuben's

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            I always thought saignant meant bloody or rare as in degree of doneness ie medium-saignant = medium-rare. I've always had great steaks at Moishes but have not been to QdeC for comparison purposes.

    2. I can't help with your quest for the best, but FYI saignant means rare (literally "bleeding"), not chewy.

      1. In Lesley Chesterman's round-up at end of the 2006 year for her favourite dishes from the restaurants she reviewed, she listed her best steak as the steak-frites at Le Mas des Oliviers on Bishop street.

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          LC wouldn't know a steak if it bit her on the butt. She would send you to Le Bifteque.

          If you are looking to impress, and drop a load of cash in the process, the Queue de Cheval is a champ in the field of steak houses. But, it my opinion that although you will have a good meal and a good time at the queue it is not necissarily the only game in town....

          Others like Moishes, but I find the steak lacking character, and at the prices that they charge, and then nail you for even parsley on the plate, I find that Moishe's is running on it's reputation.

          Oddly enough, you can get a damned good Rib steakfor a fraction of the price at Jano's on boulevard St.Laurent.

          An excellent Onglette can be found at L'Express, where they serve it as an Onglette, Beurre Echalotte (Shallot Butter), acompanied by some of the better Fries in town.

          Surprisingly, (and I know how bad this might sound) but the Baseball cut Sirloin at the Keg in the new Place Ville Marie Location or in the original Old Montreal site is actually a good steak.

          I ahve tried a number of other steak houses, on drummond, Laurier (gone now) and others and wasnot impressed. Likewise, 40 West has fallen from my graces as well.

          I just don't get it, if you are going to run a steak house, wouldn't you want your meat to excell well beyond what the average butcher can sell you?

          In Quebec, Saignant is rare.
          Bleu is seared on the outside, and cool -to warm and car wreck red in the middle.

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            You have made Tombombadillo a very happy fellow!!!!!!!!!!!

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              The big steakhouses in Montreal will serve 'Bleu' steaks upon request(I prefer mine medium-rare however)? I have a feeling some servers in Montreal(at steak establishments) wouldn't know the meaning of a blue steak

          2. Check out Joe Beef, it is the rave right now. Have not been myself, but heard good things. If not queue de Cheval would be up there for steak.