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Apr 30, 2007 01:43 PM

Really good seafood place in San Francisco?

I'd like to try a place tomorrow that specializes in seafood but is not so over the top like Aqua.

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  1. Bar Crudo is a very nice little spot with great food, but has a more homey, neighborhood feel to it:

    A very recent report on Bar Crudo:

      1. I vote Kiss (Japanese)...

        1. Sam's Grill & Tadich are the 2 classic SF old-school seafood places. Both specialize in fresh fish, simply prepared (usually grilled or pan-fried). Both are in the Financial District. Tadich is a little larger and attracts more tourists (but that should be held against them!).
          Tadich also serves an excellent cioppino. They are not inexpensive, but offer good value for what they serve vs. what they charge.