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Apr 30, 2007 01:34 PM

Il buco -any recent experiences? Graduation dinner planned there


I had posted a couple of weeks ago looking for recommendations for a group of 12 (including 2 children) for my husband and my Ph.D. graduation dinner. After many failed attempts of finding a place that could accomodate us, I made reservations at Il Buco. I have read some recent reviews in other places that aren't so good, so I wanted to check in with the hounds for some feedback. Is service really horrible? How do you recommend we order? Should I start the search again?

Any input very much appreciated!

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  1. i love that place, despite what they say.

    its best to order small plates family style and pass them. their small plates are their stregth.

    great wine list too.

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      search my name i did a tiny review a little while a go.