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Apr 30, 2007 01:27 PM

Add to 21st Birthday Chow UCLA, Dessert?

Thanks to the suggestions of you hounds we have decided to give Il Pastaio a try for a 21st birthday dinner. We are excited to try it. We thought of having dessert at another location just for fun. Is there a place to reccommend anywhere from Westwood, to Santa Monica, or Beverly Hills with noteable pastries, or ice cream/gelato to be had? Thanks again for the help!

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  1. It might be worth a short walk to Spago for coffee and dessert. They've got great desserts there and it would be a fun place to celebrate part 2 of the birthday.

    1. If you want to do it right then read this LA board review and then consider an all out sweet tooth exstravaganza:

      1. If you want to walk from Il Pastaio, there is a gelato place on little santa monica before Sprinkles--it's okay, I don't go there myself, but you may like it. Otherwise I'd go with the Spago suggestion. If you are coming from Westwood to B.H. and then leave again to go toanother part of town that's a lot of driving-you'll be tired. Walk around...there is also a chocolate place on Canon further down as well as a donut place(not really for the evening though)...

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          The gelato place is okay, but it's nothing special. If you opt for a frozen dessert, there is a Pinkberry within walking distance.

        2. A little pricey, but what about the tasting dessert menu at Providence... it's really good.

          They didn't use to do it because of *the madam* that's now gone, and I know not everyone agrees, but the blackberry cobbler at Cynthia's on 3rd is sublime IMNSHO... and I think if you explain the celebration, they'll take you just for coffee/drinks/cobbler... Like I said, there will be naysayers, but damn that thing is good.