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Apr 30, 2007 01:25 PM

Indian Restaurants

I was perusing posts about good Indian places and everything looked like it was a couple years old so I thought I'd re-ask the question--where's a good place for Indian in LA? I don't have a particular area in mind, but I know there are alot on the Westside: New India Grill, All India Cafe, Ambala Dhaba, Akbar, Clay Pit, etc... but I don't know if any are worth going to.


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  1. Here's a link to a good thread from Feb. of this year:

    1. What about Surya on 3rd street

      (the grove, fairfax, orlando 3rd street, not 3rd street santa monica) it's not on the westside or west l.a. but it should be close to you. The last time I was there I really liked their Indian food. I used to really like Bombay Cafe, but the last time I went which was sometime late last year I was really disappointed and then I found out that the owners changed.

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      1. re: hazelnutty

        Ooh! Surya is nice! Their Kabuli naan is a must try!

        1. re: sweetTooth

          Surya is tasty. We just found Lal Murch (where Hortabagy Hungarian used to be) on Ventura in Studio City the other day, quite delicious. It is new and was uncrowded at lunch but our waiter said they were very busy at night and I see why! (There is indian food- pretty serviceable and very similar everywhere and then there is INDIAN FOOD with spices and each dish tastes different!)
          My all time fave is that little slice of spicy paradise in Pasadena across the street from the COntainer Store in Old Town- anyone know the name? It is AMAZING!!!!

          1. re: chowesq

            Well, actually there are two in that block of Fair Oaks between Colorado and Union. The one closest to the Container Store is Mezbaan Indian at 80 N. Fair Oaks, while Akbar is at 44 N. Fair Oaks.
            Which one did you have in mind?

            Interesting to read your comment on Lal Mirch in Studio City, as Larry Lipson in his recent review really felt it was just like all the others - nothing special. Discuss what specifically separates it from the others - meaning well-spiced which I do like - or exactly what.

            1. re: carter

              The baingan bartha was definitely different than any I have ever had. It was very creamy with a wonderful texture, not like it had been pureed. I have never seen this dish prepared this way, usually it is tomato-y, this was like it had a heavy cream type sauce. Very tasty.
              The tandoori chicken was the moistest I have ever tasted and I could tell it had actually been marinated and seasoned as opposed to the normal red spray paint chicken that is so often called tandoori.
              The pickles were delightful, spicy not hot.
              I spoke to the staff who told me that they were from Bangledesh and that they called it Indian because they thought no one would come to a Bangladesh restaurant. He said the cuisines are the same. I don't know.
              I was there for lunch, I would like to go for dinner with a big group so I could taste many dishes.
              The prices were amazing- the tandoori chicken was $7.95 for lunch and included a large half chicken divided into 2 pieces.