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Apr 30, 2007 01:24 PM

Sauteeing garlic

I know this question is really elementary but I googled and didn't find an answer. When sauteeing garlic in olive oil, how do you keep it from turning brown and bitter? Most recipes say to sautee in medium to medium-high heat, which I did. What went wrong?

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  1. Maybe your medium is higher than usual? Personally, I would never use medium on an electric range, the lowest possible temp is enough to bring out the flavour of garlic in olive oil.

    1. I sautee at a much lower heat: low to medium.

      1. I agree, low medium is the way to go. You barely want the garlic to sizzle.

        1. You saute the garlic for only a very brief period of time, mayb10-20 seconds if it is the only thing in the pan at that point, then you would quickly add the other ingredients. If it will be sauteed in combination with other things you would start with the longest cooking items and end with the garlic. This is a pretty basic explaination, as there are many variations to account for. The hotter the oil, the less time you will heat the garlic.

          1. I agree with all the posters, low heat so that you don't end up with brown burnt garlic. Some recipes, particularly Chinese, call for stir frying over high heat but you only do so until garlic becomes fragrant, about 20 seconds, then you combine it with your other foods, not enough time to burn the garlic.