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Apr 30, 2007 01:18 PM

Favorite Dish(es) at Fonda San Miguel

My wife and I are going to Fonda San Miguel and are interested in favorites in

appetizers (soups and salads as well)
main courses

thanks in advance

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  1. The two musts for me are the corn soup - rich, sweet, the most corn taste I've ever had in a dish - and mole, usually the pollo en mole rather than the enchilada but both are great. Tasting a great mole vs a lot of what out there is a totally different animal.

    Also excellent are the ceviche - always fresh and nice balance of chunks of fish large enough to really taste with the other ingredients; thequeso flameados either with just the chile strips or also with chorizo; and any of the carne section of the menu especially the ribeye and the lamb chops (where the potato side dish is great), or the mixed grill which is what I end up with most after the mole because it's a sampler platter of one of the things Fonda does well - grill meats.


    1. My favorite main courses are the poblano (I think). It comes stuffed with chicken, almonds & raisons and it sitting in a cream sauce. Divine! My second choice would be the grilled shrimp in verde sauce.

      I always order one of the two, though I have had many "tastes" of the other entrees over the years. I could never tear myself away from these two.

      1. For main dish - The carne asada. It's not fancy, but everything is cooked perfectly and there are many wonderful sides like mole and guac.

        For dessert - The goat milk caramel crepes! We plan our meal carefully so we aren't too full before eating these. I bought the Fonda cookbook just so I could recreate these now we no longer live in Austin.

        1. I love the duck enchilada as a main. I do not like the chile relleno with the sour cream sauce, though I know it is very popular (I feel it is too heavy). The duck is tasty but not super heavy. For appetizers I like the ceviche and also the queso compuesto (queso mixed with chorizo) wrapped in a tortilla. For dessert the crepe cajetas are great, as is the tres leches cake

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            The queso flameado is my fave's quite take care not to over order. For the main course I like the Chile Poblano.(they'd call it a Chile relleno , if it were less expensive!)....then , cajeta crepes , share 'em. I do feel FSM is quite overpriced and overratd but I eat there every few months anyway...With our plethora of Tex'mex and border mex places , it's uniqeness is solely for being interior

          2. You'll find a variety of comments on what to order and what to avoid in these threads and some of the ones it links to. Many of the comments on Chowhound about FSM focus on the brunch, but many of the dishes are on the dinner menu.