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Apr 30, 2007 01:15 PM

Best Indian food downtown DC?

Hi there -

Looking for some truly wonderful Indian food nearby K and New Hampshire. Would prefer not to travel far from the area, but quality always takes precedence over distance (although must stay within DC).


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  1. Not exactly in the area you are looking for but I really like the food at Heritage in Dupont Circle. They have this amazing creamy spinach dish....can't remember the name but its spicy and wonderful.

    They also have a yummy brunch buffet on Sundays. It's fulling to the point of exhaustion! :)

    1. I'm a fan of Nirvana at 18th & K - it's all-vegetarian and they have an extensive lunch buffet.

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        I second the Nirvana lunch buffet recommendation for a lower-price option (I think its about $10), especially on Fridays. I know some people who are big fans of the Bombay Club (815 Connecticut), if you are looking for something a little more high-end.

      2. Indique is great - albeit a ways from where you want to be. Its in Cleveland Park up Connecticut. Its a bit more upscale Indian, and very good. Indebleu in the Penn Quarter is Indian/French fusion, also upscale, and great. I haven't been there in MANY years, but the Bombay Palace is on 20th and K, your hood, and used to be good.

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          Would anyone recommend Bombay Palace? We need to find a spot for dinner tomorrow evening and I have heard it used to be good. Anyone been recently?

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            I went there some time back. I remember thinking that the food was good, but the decor, not so much.

          2. Not in the neighborhood, but I would highly recommend Rasika, in Penn Quarter (633 D Street, NW).

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            1. Around K and NH Heritage India is probably the best. Best in DC though is Rasika which is superb.