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Village Pizza on Larchmont (on Huell last night)

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How good is it, really?

He was all into his hand made crust last night, but I also noticed he mentioned he used canned sauce.

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  1. It's fine. Nothing to write home about.

    1. I just caught the tail end of it and was wondering which pizza place he was talking about... thanks!

      1. Personally, this is my favorite pizza in town for a slice. The most like New York that I have found. Thin crust, crispy edges with a nice flavor. Good amount of cheese, not too much or little. And I thought the sauce was great as well. I've never gotta a whole pie and this can sometimes change the quality, but for slices, I belive it can't be beat. And the packed house is evidence!

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        1. Their pizza is great. I went there for slices often when I worked down the street.

          1. I can't believe I missed this episode of California's Gold! Village Pizzeria is hands down our favorite in the hood. While we've had all the usual suspects (Casa Bianca, Nicky D's, Hard Times, etc.), only Village tempts us to return time and time again. Here's a picture of our latest pie, half sundried tomato and garlic and half mushroom and sausage:

            1. Their pizza is OK but dont drive too far. Their pasta dishes and calzone sucked big time the night we tried them last year.

              1. The best thing about Village is that they build your slices TO ORDER. You aren't picking from a bunch of heat-lamped leftovers. They keep partially-cooked pizzas on the ready so when you want meatballs and olives, they put them on the slice and cook it right then and there.

                1. For slices, I like Lamonica's better. But I do enjoy a XL Village Works from time to time. The crust is chewy and the meatball slices are yum.

                  1. Once was enough for me. Not bad, but certainly not worth any hoopla. The amount of toppings on our pizza was so pitiful that I was tempted to keep my last slice and show it at Joe Peeps, who certainly don't skimp on the toppings.

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                      I agree with Nakni. I don't really think its really great pizza, the crust was not as good as I was hoping. The calzones are decent. I'd rather grab a slice from Abbot's.

                    2. I like their toppings more than I like Vito's (especially the clam and garlic), but I much much prefer the crust at Vito's.