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Apr 30, 2007 12:29 PM

OC's better HHs?

Seeking input on best (or at least better) options for Happy Hour in OC.

Already on my list:
Oysters in CdM
Ling & Louie's, Irvine Spectrum
Chat Noir

Thanks for any ideas from you CH HH gurus.

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  1. Add Wildfish... half off cocktails and appetizers, lots of bar space + "bar tables" and ......... OYSTER BAR!

    Also, Bistango does 3$ tapas plates that are much bang for the buck, but high end on the drinks. Very nice patio though, and wine tasting after work on Thursdays is a great value.

      1. re: ml22

        Fishermans on the San Clemente Pier.

        1. re: ml22

          I 2nd Yardhouse! (I love their selection of HH appetizers.)

          In Fullerton, The Slidebar does a good Happy Hour for downtown Fullerton.

          1. re: OCAnn

            Yard House. Not Ling & Louie's, gah that place has awful food.

            Tia Juana's in "Old Town" (snickersnickerHAHAHAHAHAHAHA) Irvine -- go for HH only, don't ever order actual plates of food.

            Cafe Hidalgo in Fullerton has good small plates and a good wine bar but beware of salt content and don't allow them to serve you any salad dressing (bleccccccccccch!).

        2. Daily Grill has $2.95 appetizers, $3 Sam Adams Drafts and a Martini selection.

          1. Wind and Sea has a great happy hour in DP Harbor. Good , strong MaiTai's and other deals (Ahi Poke, etc.)

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              What about McCormick's? We used to go there for HH after work quite often.