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Apr 30, 2007 12:22 PM

Do Ramps grow in Pennsylvania ?

I had ramps last year, found them at a farmers market in West Virginia. I then picked up some at the local supermarket there. The ones in the supermarked were about the size of scallions, the ones from the farmers market were the size of my finger. Really tasty. Anyway, do these things grow in PA, if so do they come out later since we are more north ?

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  1. yes, ramps do grow in PA. I've had alot of success finding them in Bucks County near New Hope and also in south central PA near Hanover.

    1. They grow near the pond of my Uncle's farm in Bedford, PA. Also, I think there is a ramp festival in PA.

      1. Iovine's in the Reading Terminal Market in Philly usually carries them in season. I think they already have them, so the season must be pretty early.

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          Does anyone know if the Fair Food Farmstand gets them? It seems like a natural fit for them to have. I have some good Tom Colicchio ramp recipes so I'd love to get my hands on some.

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            The Fair Food Farmstand is getting an order of ramps on Saturday from Tuscarora Organics Growers Co-Op. If you want to know when they've got stuff like this in stock, sign up for their e-mail list at the stand: they send a list of the week's items every Thursday.

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            I got ramps from Iovines a week or so ago. I don't recall Fair Food Farms having them last year, but they are really expanding their products so maybe this year

          3. The original comment has been removed
            1. Hi Everybody, Please post about places where one can purchase ramps, or SPECIFIC locations where you know they can be foraged locally. General tips on foraging for them is a topic for the General Chowhounding board: