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Do Ramps grow in Pennsylvania ?

I had ramps last year, found them at a farmers market in West Virginia. I then picked up some at the local supermarket there. The ones in the supermarked were about the size of scallions, the ones from the farmers market were the size of my finger. Really tasty. Anyway, do these things grow in PA, if so do they come out later since we are more north ?

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  1. yes, ramps do grow in PA. I've had alot of success finding them in Bucks County near New Hope and also in south central PA near Hanover.

    1. They grow near the pond of my Uncle's farm in Bedford, PA. Also, I think there is a ramp festival in PA.

      1. Iovine's in the Reading Terminal Market in Philly usually carries them in season. I think they already have them, so the season must be pretty early.

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          Does anyone know if the Fair Food Farmstand gets them? It seems like a natural fit for them to have. I have some good Tom Colicchio ramp recipes so I'd love to get my hands on some.

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            The Fair Food Farmstand is getting an order of ramps on Saturday from Tuscarora Organics Growers Co-Op. If you want to know when they've got stuff like this in stock, sign up for their e-mail list at the stand: they send a list of the week's items every Thursday.

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            I got ramps from Iovines a week or so ago. I don't recall Fair Food Farms having them last year, but they are really expanding their products so maybe this year

          3. Hi Everybody, Please post about places where one can purchase ramps, or SPECIFIC locations where you know they can be foraged locally. General tips on foraging for them is a topic for the General Chowhounding board: http://www.chowhound.com/boards/27

            1. I also saw them at the new Pumpkin Market on South. They have a small amount of fresh produce there, so I'd call ahead.

              1. I have no idea where the things grow, but you can buy them at the Wayne Farmer's Market. I've found them at the two produce stands closest to the doors o9n the west side of the building.

                Lancaster County Farmers Market
                East Lancaster Ave
                Wayne, PA 19087-5047
                Phone: 610-688-6130

                1. Ramps DO grow in PA. I live in Westmoreland County and my east-facing woods are loaded with them. Had them in eggs, meatloaf, fried potatoes and salad so far, but the best way is just to eat them raw.

                  1. This weekend is a ramp fest in Mount Morris Pa, just south of Pittsburgh.


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                      Woot! Thanks for the info! That'd be a great food-oriented road trip!

                    2. I went out hunting this past weekend with no luck. I just moved here two years ago and haven't explored the area fully yet. I did find a tremendous amount of wild blueberries though, gonna keep an eye on those and hopefully beat the deer to them.

                      1. They had them at Fair Food Farmstand at the RTM this past week

                        1. Hello. Found you while looking for Ramps.

                          What is a Ramp?
                          A Ramp is a wild leek or early spring vegetable with a strong garlic odor and an onion flavor.


                          Mason-Dixon Ramp FestivalWHEN: Saturday and Sunday - April 16 & 17, 2011 (21st annual) - 10AM to 6PM
                          WHERE: Mason Dixon Park, Mt. Morris PA 15349 (Greene County PA.
                          )DESCRIPTION: Annual Mason-Dixon Ramp Festival with family fun and entertainment, live music, artisans, crafters, demonstrations and displays, antique car show, food, ramps for sale, ramp wine and cheese tasting, door prizes, raffles and more.
                          Admission is free and there will be door prizes.
                          Vendors Wanted!
                          CONTACT: 304-879-5500 or 724-317-3734

                          Ramps are used as a Spring Tonic... clean ya up after the Winter. Cook with anything. Great with scrambled eggs or omlets.

                          Goes great with Sassafras Tea.

                          Good Eats from our ancestors.


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                            They can be found in Warren County, and I'm sure all over PA.