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Apr 30, 2007 12:19 PM

thai or vietnamese in philly or cherryhill

any suggestions for great thai or vietnamese food?

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  1. In the Cherry Hill area, try Som Sak on White Horse Rd in Voorhees and Siris on Rte 70 in Cheery Hill. In Phily, you can't go wrong at Vietnam on 11th street.

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    1. re: sailbadthesinner

      Great suggestions. Som Sak is very popular - with good reason - make a reservation if you are going at a busy time. Vietnam is always good.
      Siri's is more fusion - kind of a continental menu, for the most part.

        1. re: benkar

          i've actually been to siris and really like it but im looking for more authentic not fusion. i'll have to try som sak

    2. fabulous thai at erawan - 23rd and walnut. get the erawan noodles off the chef's specials!

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        While I love Vietnam, sometimes the wait gets to me, and we head over to Nam Phuong on Washington Avenue (website attached). Not as pretty as Vietnam, but while usually crowded not a huge wait for a table, and the food is delicious.