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Apr 30, 2007 12:11 PM

Best Hot Dog - Locals View

What is the flat out best hot dog place in Chicago. Mom & Pop, not chains!
If I were to poll 100 locals what would they say is the best?

I've never been to Chicago, and will be there this weekend.

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  1. Ill give you my top 5:

    1) Gene & Judes - great chicago style hot dog
    2) Wieners Circle - great chicago style hot dog
    3) Morrie Omallys - great Bridgeport local spot, grilled chicago style dogs
    4) U.S. Cellular Field(aka. White Sox Park too bad they are on the road this weekend) - great grilled Best Kosher hot dog with grilled onions, and mustard.
    (5) Super Dawg - a nostalgic classic

    honorable mention: Portillos

    In my opinion you cannot go wrong with the ones above for a basic chicago style dog, or a grilled hot dog with some grilled onions & mustard. Nothing fancy, just a classic Chicago treat.

    Enjoy Chicago

    1. Super Dawg
      Doggie Diner
      Hot Doug's

      Sorry, Portillo's is too much of a factory for me!

      1. Henry's Hot Dogs in Cicero-Worth the drive. It's been there for almost 60 years, and nothing has changed except the price. Get a Dog and a Polish--Culinary Nirvana!!!!

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