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Apr 30, 2007 12:09 PM

Bellingham to Mt Baker

We're going to Mt. Baker (near Glacier) for an extended weekend. Is there anything in Bellingham or nearby that's worth trying out?

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  1. Northfork brewery is worth a stop. Its on the way up to the mountain. It's been a few years since I've stopped in but from what i remember it was a great Brewery. Lots of good hoppy beer and good pizza.

    1. in deming, between bellingham and mt. baker and on the mt. baker road, is "the people's grocery", a 1920's roadside store run by local hippies (remember hippies?) that features superb sandwiches - some on home-baked breads with locally produced vegies, meats and cheeses. they also sell local produce in season and a large array of handicrafts. they lost their license to sell gasoline when they refused to remove their antique gas pumps. a small public park/playground across the road makes for a pleasant picnic stop

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        I hear D'Anna's is good and I enjoyed a great dinner at Fino last summer (both in Bellingham). Often when I'm doing just a quick trip through B'ham, I'll pick up a few things for a picnic or antipasti at home...stops include the farmer's market, Quel Fromage, Avenue Bread, and Purple Smile. A Mallard ice cream stop is also a favorite.