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Apr 30, 2007 11:51 AM

Sabaor A Mexico

I went for the first time this weekend and as expected the food was great. I especially liked the tacos and squash blossom quesadilla. Wasn't a huge fan of the chix enchalada w/mole. . . thought that the chicken was a bit overcooked. A huge detractor however, was the wait to get our food. It took approximately 45 minutes to be served. What was especially aggravating was watching other customers retrieve their orders, one at a time, consume their meal and leave while still waiting for food. Has anyone experience similar waiting time or was this an exception to the norm?

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  1. I do not get the wow with Sabaor A Mexico. Have been several times and agree that it is better than most on the westside, but not as good as Tacomiendo. This Sunday was kind of a disaster. We waited a long timeand when oour oder was finally ready the order was wrong cold and bland. My wife got a plate of al pastor that was cold and clammy. She asked for whole beans and go black mush. I do not thing I can convince her to return.

    I agree that they have good tacos but have not been impressed by much else. The habinaros salsa is a big plus, but they do not have the agua fresca available Tacomiendo.

    Do not get me wrong, I will go back to Sabaor A Mexico but do not understand the hype on this board.

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      Agree with Bman-

      went with my DH- who said he can get better Tacos than this everyday in the Valley for $1
      the habanero salsa was A**kicking hot,
      the guacamole was delish, but the tacos and burritos were nothing spectacular