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Apr 30, 2007 11:51 AM

Butterfly-Salt Lake City

I was thinking of trying this place out as part of the Dine O' Round next month. I heard mixed reviews when it first opened... now you cannot even pull up a menu on their site. Is it similar to their location in San Francisco? Or maybe they are going through changes? Any input would be appreciated.

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  1. Butterfly has undergone several changes since it came to Utah about two years ago. The executive chef, who came from the SF location, left over creative differences about a year ago. More recently, there was a management shakeup at the restaurant. I don't know what the new ownership intends to change. Butterfly's cooking style was along the lines of California New Asian. Their food was interesting and artful, but not spectacular and often overpriced. That said, it has a upscale, hip vibe and their lounge is one of my favorite hangouts in SLC. Top notch mojitos there!

    1. started up as a sister restaurant to the one on the embarcadero. but as SheriffL said, the original chef and management are gone. new owners, no clear intention of what they intend to do, though the menu hasn't been touched, type-wise. in terms of quality, we recently ate there before a show at The Depot and found it disappointing and overpriced. and the service was bitchy.

      the bar is a great place for cocktails. spendy, but good mixology overall.