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Apr 30, 2007 11:40 AM

South Beach

I'm in South Beach this coming weekend - any recommendations on GREAT restaurants?

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  1. Here are some of my favs on South Beach, service and food quality can vary wildly from restaurant to restaurant but these are the ones I have found most consistent:
    Talula- Excellent preperation and service, top knotch quality ingredients and the Risotto is always terrific
    OLA- Nuevo Latino cooking at its best, always flavorful and exciting
    Nobu- Sort of a high end chain but excellent Japanese (although very expensive)
    Nemo- South Beach standby with great food and atmosphere
    Prime 112- very scene oriented with large crowds and very tasty food
    Sardinia- Very good quality regional Italian cooking, good wine list
    Table 8- hot new restaurant, high quality cooking
    Pacific Time- Lincoln road restaurant with good seafood
    The Forge- Not technically SoBe but a legendary spot with spectacular decor and an unforgettable social scene
    Havent tried David Bouley Evolution but have heard good things.

    1. Greg -

      You may notice the regulars may seem disinclined to respond, just since the question gets asked so often. In fairness, though, the search function on Chowhound is really unwieldy. Why, for instance, you can't do a search and then sort by most recently posted is absolutely beyond me.

      In any event, here's a good thread to start with though it's a little bit dated:

      My tops in South Beach list looks like this:
      Talula (mediterranean-influenced, varied menu, husband/wife chef team, a little more laid-back than much of SoBe
      Mark's South Beach ("new American" or whatever you want to call it, good use of local ingredients, also a relatively quiet place by SoBe standards
      Joe's Stone Crab (old-school establishment, though I don't know if it's still season

      One small notch below:
      Ola Miami (nuevo latino
      Table 8 (LA chef, relatively new place
      Nobu (famous upscale Japanese, with several worldwide locations now


      One more small notch down:
      Johnny V @ the Astor Hotel (nuevo latino/caribbean; also fairly new; he had a restaurant here several years ago which I liked better, though I've only been to the new one once and it was shortly after they opened) (link is to his Ft. Lauderdale restaurant
      )China Grill (a Jeffrey Chodorow "chain" with a few locations in the US; newfangled asian influence, served in family style portions)
      Nemo ("new American" w/ something of a seafood focus; local celeb chef Michael Schwartz is long gone but it still carries on, though not as inspired as several years ago
      Yuca (nuevo Cuban, also an "old-line" restaurant by SoBe standards but I've never had a bad meal; the guava BBQ ribs are excellent

      I have never been to Prime 112 but have heard very good things. David Bouley has a new restaurant called Evolution in the Ritz Carlton, has gotten mixed reviews.

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        Super helpful, folks, thanks! I only wish the search-function of Chow was better seeing I'm sure there are TONS of the same questions that come up over and over again.