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Apr 30, 2007 11:33 AM

Tea place suggestions?

I'm looking for a cafe, coffee shop or tea place that has a great selection of loose leaf teas (Cambridge area is best). I love Tealuxe in Harvard, but its always so crowded and there arent very many tables. I just want to be able to sit down, relax and enjoy a wide variety of teas. Any suggestions?

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  1. If you ever get up to Newburyport, there is a terrific tea shop there called Licorice & Sloe. They have tons of loose leaf teas in large tins, like they do at Mariage Freres in Paris, and the place itself is really cozy and nice. It's just off the main drag less than a block from the Grog. I know that's enormously out of the way, but maybe you'll find yourself up there on a quiet Sunday morning (as I did recently) and have the place to yourself with a pot of tea and some crumpets.

    1. Dado between Harvard and Central Sq. on Mass Ave. Don't drink tea much so don't know how great their selection is. There's some new place around 180 Newbury St. I read about. Also a two level Tealuxe at Clarendon St.

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        The place on Newbury Street is Wittard (?sp); my husband brought me back their tea (teabags, though) when he was in England on business. I believe it's very popular over there. I read about this store opening in the Globe; they will have tea available for sampling, but will not be serving tea there, so I don't think it's consistent with your idea of sitting and enjoying your tea.

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          There's also a Dedo on Church St. across from Bob Slate. I haven't been to the one between Harvard and Central but used to be a big fan of the one on Church St. Unfortunately, I think they were overwhelmed by their success and couldn't handle making sandwiches and serving tea. I really liked the ambience and the chance to stick with an independent cafe but the past two times I went in, the tea was tepid and it took a really long time to get it.

          How about the Pamplona? I know they serve loose tea in pots. I don't think they have a huge variety but they do have some black teas and some herbal teas.

        2. Algiers makes a mean pot of mint tea, but I'm not sure what other teas on on their menu.

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            That stuff is amazing. It doesn't matter what else they have, that's the one to get.

          2. I would suggest Burdick in Harvard Sq too, but only if you like hovering over the other patron's heads with a scalding cup of hot tea. It's not comfortable for you, either.

            My odd favourite is Trident Booksellers on Newbury. I don't find it as crowded as Burdick and there is something calming about being able to drink tea in a book store. They have the usual selection of black/green/smelly loose-leafers. Dunno how Cafe Zing, Porter Sq Books compares yet.

            Peet's has decent teas, i don't particularly care for the ambiance of Harvard Sq location.

            If you venture out, there was a review about Dorset Cafe in the Globe last year. I haven't gone, but it's on my list for Afternoon Tea.

            1. What about Tea Zone in Somerville?