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Apr 30, 2007 11:26 AM

Dinner Recommendations in the College/Bathurst area..

Having my 32nd birthday for a party of 14+ people this Saturday, and was originally going to have it at Coca, but having read several tepid reviews, am looking for a backup plan?

I'm planning to hit El Convento Rico afterwards so I was hoping for something close-ish to the club which is on College just west of Bathurst.

Any ideas?


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  1. With that many people - your choices may be limited. I had dinner at Coco Lezonne (College/Clinton) with a large group - the service was great as was the food...although this was a few years back.
    I like Gato Nero - but the restaurant is quite tiny - although they may be able to accomodate you on the patio.

    1. Have you thought about reserving the long dining bar at Xacutti?

      1. A few places you can consider are:

        Flight 55 - I had a great dinner here when they first opened, and very tasty brunch months later. Another hound had a lesser experience than me, but I know others who have enjoyed it a great deal on more than one occassion. (


        Bella Vista - It's spacious enough to accomodate your group. The one time I was there I had ammmmaaazing squash ravioli with gorganzola sauce and lemony carpaccio with parmesan to start. Can't remember what my husband had, but he enjoyed it as well.

        Vivoli has big rooftop patio. The food I've had there ranged from not bad to pretty good. (


        Bar Italia may also be a good choice. The food is genrally quite good. (


        If you like sushi - we loooove Sushi Bon, but you would likely fill up the place. A few doors down there is Sushi D for extensive AYCE.

        Sticking with your Latin theme, you could consider Plaza Flamingo. I've never eaten there, so can't comment on the food... (


        I'd reccomend Torito in Kensington for yummy tapas, but they don't take reservations...

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          It would be hard to pull off because the room's so small, but Gamelle rocks. Great little French bistro.

          Pony might also be a good bet -- they're nice folks, the food is tasty, and they have a couple of smaller rooms that could accommodate your crowd.


          1. re: mightyshrimp

            Pony WOULD HAVE BEEN a great option... sadly it looks like they're gone. Hopefully just a reno, but the place has paper all over the windows.

            I agree - gamelle is pretty solid, but as you said very small! I'd be impressed if they could squeeze in a group of 14!

            Another option could be Cataplana - again, I've never been there, but it's seems like an interesting place and it could definitely hold a large group.

            1. re: Delish

              Yeah, Cataplana would be good for a group. They do have a private room, too--not sure of the size. Food is good--a step down from Chiado, but still very good, and less expensive. It's at College and Dovercourt.