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Apr 30, 2007 11:11 AM

Inexpensive graduation lunch

I'm going nuts trying to find a restaurant for my graduation lunch that meets the following criteria; could you please help with recommendations?

-Entrees under $15
-Can accommodate a party of 9
-In Manhattan or southern Westchester
-Pleasant atmosphere

I had orginally wanted to go to Artisanal, the Central Park Boat House, or Blue Hill Stone Barns, but decided against them once the party got so big. If you can think of less expesnive alternatives that have some of the same qualities as those places (ie, great location, neat menu theme), I'd really appreciate it!

In advance, thank you so much!

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  1. Where is your graduation?

    In the village, I would suggest Cornelia Street Cafe. They would take a reservation, and have a nice variety on the menu (salads, pasta, quiche, steak, burgers). It's very bright and airy, too.

    Blue Ribbon Bakery would be a great lunch, but a little more expensive. Their wine list is very good, and the menu has a lot of variety.

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      Cornelia St. is a v. nice idea - I had been trying to think of suggestions w/o any luck.

    2. I love Fleur de Sel. While entrees are over $15, they have a prix-fixe of three courses for $29 for lunch. I've never been disappointed there. Perfect for your occasion.

      1. I went to inoteca for my graduation lunch and really enjoyed it. We had a much smaller group but I think they take reservations for their downstairs table that accommodates larger groups. Only downsides are that it works better if the crowd enjoys sharing and there are no windows down there.

        1. Thanks so much for all the great suggestions, everyone! I really appreciate your advice.