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Apr 30, 2007 11:05 AM

Weekend w/ 3 year old in Baltimore/Harbor Area

We are taking our 3 year old daughter to Baltimore for a quick weekend getaway in June... she's pretty good about eating all kinds of food, but I still would like some recommendations on places w/ good food that are child-friendly & hopefully have an atmosphere that is somewhat conducive to keeping her happy.

Any ideas? We'll need breakfast, lunch & dinner suggestions!!


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  1. Not picky? I just went here yesterday:

    Low-cost and did not involve waiting in line, at least not on Sunday.

    1. I think most places at the harbor are pretty used to tourists with kids, so anything there is probably ok.

      if you're going to venture out, Iggie's is a pizza place in Mt. Vernon (they have a website) that I've had much success taking kids. Very good thin crust pizza + BYOB

      1. amicci's in Little Italy has good standard pasta dishes and it's where we go when we have kids with us at the harbor. very kid friendly!