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Apr 30, 2007 11:03 AM

Takeout Soup in MSP

Hi everyone,

With our kitchen being renovated I'm on the hunt for healthy and cheap takeout. Lately I've been craving soup which fits the bill for being light and easy to microwave and pair with salad or good bread. I'm feeling quite jealous of Seattle and New York because of their quantity of soup shops - places where you have a selection of 5 to 10 soups that you can grab quickly.

Does anything like this exist around here? Any other suggestions for quick, healthy soups? Obviously I can get pho but somehow as takeout it's not as good as mixing everything up in the restaurant. Turtle Bread has some great soups but I find their staff to be rude and don't want to patronize them too often. Somewhere in Minneapolis especially would be great - are there any good soups at MGMkt?

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  1. I once got take-out pho from Saigon Star in Roseville when I was sick. It was great, but they gave me about 10 styrofoam boxes of various ingredients that I assembled when I got home. It was kind of fun, actually, and because they gave me the ingredients individually, nothing was too soggy.

    Byerly's has good take-out soup, although, I'm not sure that's what you're aiming for.

    I've always heard Blondie's on Snelling just south of Randolph has good soups...I've only had the quiche and pastries there. And St. Paul Suzie just posted about ACME Deli on St. Clair just a block or so East of Snelling as having awesome soup and sandwiches. To go, perhaps?

    None of this is in Minneapolis though, sorry.


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      Is ACME deli like a real deli (as in New York deli :)?

      Perhaps we'll have to head across the river a few times...


      she always has good soup & i invariably get a cup at brunch. the takeout bakery has a daily veg and non-veg soup & i think that would be a good bet in uptown. i'd also go back to colossal cafe and try their soups again. they are so far from me but maybe closer to you & they seem to be doing fresh from-scratch stuff. also try the birchwood for soup to go? i did get to-go pho from quang (lived 2 blocks from there) and it was as TDQ described-- i think pho is a go there, use house condiments, slurp it up there and leave the hoisin-and-sriracha thickened dregs in the bottom of your bowl right there in the place type of thing.

      that's all that's grabbing my brain for to-go soup in minneapolis

      i wish there was some type of "daily soup" type place here as well, but then i'd probably have to go work there. . . oh gawd, must stop talking about soup. . .

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        Oh, Lucia's is a great idea. I always end up getting sandwiches from their to go place because I get overwhelmed by the options so easily. I also have to hit Birchwood more - it's sort of on the way home if I take the river road.

        Maybe tomorrow am husband and I will hit Colossal Cafe for brunch/lunch and get some soup for dinner. The thought of it being so crowded on weekends has kept me away.

      2. My co-op (Mississippi Market at Selby & Dale in St. Paul) has self-serve hot soup to go -- I think Whole Foods has this option, too. You might check at the co-ops and WF in Minneapolis.

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          Seward Co-op usually has a couple, too.

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            FYI - acme closes at 3 and isn't open on the weekends. I think they only have "a few" soups daily.

            WF has pretty good soups - 4 usually in STP and a few more in Minnie.

        2. Great topic! There are only a couple restaurant basics the Twin Cities need, and a good soup place is one of them. Hopefully someone with some capital and no concept will read this thread.

          In our neighborhood, Mairin's Table has good house-made soups. Always different and good. Kramarczuk's has good goulash and borscht. Unfortunately our only other options really have been Lund's recently and Panera. I'm not a huge Panera fan, but the soup isn't terrible, though I doubt it is fresh and it is always too salty. O'Brien's Decoy has good chili if it is still open (haven't been over there is a few months).

          1. Another place not in Mpls, but in Roseville: e-noodle cafe. http://www.chowhound.com/topics/33598...
            I've never taken out, only eaten in, but they look like they do a healthy take-out business.


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              We were pretty unimpressed with e-Noodle cafe. Since then I've gotten more specific recommendations but considering it's so far from us I'm not sure if we're motivated to make the trip back again.

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                You know, now that you mention it, I remember you posting you didn't love it. I can't say I've been a million times, but the few things I ordered there were good and had a very "homemade" quality to them--vegetables chopped more roughly, etc. It sort've reminded me (in concept) of a place I loved in San Francisco called "Mama-san" where they served only Japanese homestyle cooking and it was just a woman and her kids running the place. I guess to me that "homestyle" is something I want in a soup to begin with. But, no point in driving across town for a place you don't love!


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                  I had some great soup at Moose & Sadies-