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Apr 30, 2007 11:01 AM

All- Clad Square Grill Pan [moved from Ontario board]


I'm interested in buying one. If you have one, what do you think of it? Know where I can buy one for the best price?


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  1. I have one...I like it, does an OK job of grilling but I don't reach for it...much prefer my Le Creuset round grill pan....I find the round shape holds more & is easier to work with...also LC is easier to clean...+ the sides on the square grill pan tend to be an encumbrance...

    1. I love mine, but have never used Le Creuset. I bought it at Williams Sonoma when they ahd a big sale. It was reduced from about $250 to $100. In terms of pricing, you may want to check out Caynes in Thornhill (I am sure they have a website) and also try Linen and Things.

      1. I think the grill pan is great. It is a bit heavy so I pull it out if I have lots to grill. Cleaning is pretty easy, though I would still use some form of fat to coat before cooking. I was actually fortunate enough to catch the All Clad special, where they had included the grill pan as a gift when you purchased the full set of cookware. I had actually purchased it from Amazon. Perhaps that deal is still around? If not, purchasing the grill pan by itself from Amazon is still pretty good since you often get free shipping and no taxes added! Great benefit if I may so myself!

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          Amazon does not sell cookware to Canada...

          William Sonoma runs the same special though. I got my AC grill pan for free at Christmas when I bought a set of AC Stainless Steel.