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Apr 30, 2007 11:00 AM

Patio Brunch for Baby Shower in/around Silver Lake

I'm hosting a baby shower brunch for 7-12 women. I'd love to sit on a non-smoking patio with a pleansant environment and good food. Being able to make reservations is essential. In or around Silver Lake is ideal but not absolute (Echo Park, Los Feliz, Hancock Park, etc. )

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  1. Check out Cliff's Edge on Sunset in Silver Lake. It's gotten some mixed reviews, mostly with some negatives on weekend night dinners, butI've only had good experiences there. And the patio is delightful.

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    1. re: djdebs

      Good luck finding a non-smoking patio in Silver Lake, most brunch eaters in Silver Lake would rather smoke than eat. But the patio at Cliff's Edge might be secluded enough that you could reserve a whole area away from the smokers.
      There's other nice patios at Square One, Home, Edendale Grill and Alcove, but ditto the smoking comment. Probably the best thing at any of these places is to find an out of the way area of the patio.

    2. Edendale Grill, though I don't know that it's non-smoking. However, I rarely see people smoking there during brunch time.

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      1. re: Clare K

        Thank you for your feedback. I'm not crazy about the food at Edendale, although I have never been there for breakfast or lunch. I love the environment though so, it may well be a good choice. I will also look into Cliff's Edge. I've heard some good things about it and the environment sounds great. Thank you!

        1. re: amuffinmama

          I posted in the thread linked below about a recent brunch experience at Edendale. To sum up, it was quite good and I would definitely go back.

          However, it is definitely NOT non-smoking. I don't know of any patio restaurant in the Silverlake area that bars smoking from their outdoor areas. If non-smoking is essential, I think you will either have to sit indoors or go to Santa Monica, which has recently banned outdoor smoking at restaurants.

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            Thanks for the feedback. Problem with Edendale is that they only have Sunday brunch and this is for a Saturday. Good point about the patios - maybe we'll just have it at my own home. Thanks!

            1. re: DanaB

              I wouldn't recommend Alcove for this type of event (I would only recommend alcove for their coffee and desserts actually) but their front patio is non-smoking. I believe they have a patio sectioned off on the side for smokers.