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Apr 30, 2007 10:48 AM

Burdick's closed for renovations-anything else???

I jsut went all the way up there ad they are closed to renovate the store. Yet I ahve promised good chocolate to several! Does anybody ahve a suggestion? Thansk!

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  1. you may still be able to get some Burdick's chocolate from Formaggio kitchen in Cambridge. The Belgian Truffle Shop in Somerville does mostly wholesale but they sell their chocolates at the wine shop next door. It;s in Ball Square, Broadway, Somerville.

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    1. re: alsaman

      You could also get La Tene chocolates.

      No mice or penguins, but the truffles are great.

    2. beacon hill chocolates on charles street is nice. i also bet that temper chocolates can take care of your chocolately needs:)

        1. Serene Chocolates on Mass Ave, just a bit outside Harvard Sq -- they sell La Tene Chocs which are excellent.

          Temper Chocolates in the Hotel Commonwealth in Kenmore Sq. has a good selection of chocolates to (they also carry La Tene).

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            Serene also has fantastic coffee, I find myself going to that no-man's land between Harvard and Central more and more for it.

          2. Actually, they are closing 5/14 for renovations. They have been closed Mondays lately, but I was just in there this a.m. for coffee.

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            1. re: Splendid Spatula

              Burdick's is excellent but for future reference you might want to try Chocochoco House @ 83 Pembroke in Boston ( They have some really interesting and delicious chocolates.....chocolate purses are especially cute. Also Garrison Confections ( in Rhode Island recently won the Food Network Award for best chocolates and they are superb.