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Apr 30, 2007 10:44 AM

Night of the Week Specials-DC

It seems like the Baltimore folks have this, so why shouldn't the DC hounds. This is a place to post specials that particular restaurants have.

Here's what I know about:

*Ardeo- Thursday Night Wine Dinner
$52/person gets you a 4 course menu paired with 3 two ounce glasses of wine

*Butterfield 9- $38/person 3-courese dinner menu pre and post theater. Pre-theater is Daily 5:30-7pm and post-theater is Sunday-Thursday 9pm-10pm. And Friday and Saturday 10pm-11pm.

*David Gregory- Happy Hour Monday-Friday from 4:30-7:30 (and until 10pm on Tuesdays). They have $5 appetizers and drink specials

*Merkado- Pre-theater dinner= $25/person. Served daily from 5pm-7pm. You get a choice of small plate, big plate, sweet plate or a glass of wine. They also have really good Happy Hour drink specials daily 4-7pm

And probably the best kept secret in DC:

*Tabernade Alabardero- 1/2 price tapas and cheap Sangria Monday-Thursday until 7pm.

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  1. And I forgot:

    Dino in Cleveland Park, Washington DC has 33% off wine over $50 a bottle nights Sunday Monday and Wednesday. No corkage on Wednesday. Also Wine Wednesday: taste 3 wines (3 oz pours) with an assortment of three special appetizers for $25. The schedule is here:

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    1. re: Elyssa

      To update our schedule of "deals"
      Sunday & Monday: 33% off wines over $50
      Monday & Tuesday: Restaurant Week pricing 3 courses for $30.08
      Tuesday & Thursday: Free corkage

      Dean, Owner of Dino

      1. re: deangold

        To update the update:
        Restaurant week Sunday thru Thursday thru Deember 4: $35.08 for three courses included dessert wine, grappa or limoncello.

        Happy hour starts ctober 26: Sunday thru thursday, 25% off drinks and wine, complementary bar food. 5:30pm thru 7:00pm.

        Wine Madness still available on Sunday & Monday: 33% off wines over $50.00.

    2. - Lias in friendship heights (as I just learned) has $5 burgers, $8 pizzas, and $7 "big beers" Mondays and Wednesdays before 7. they also have a fixed price 3-course meal before 6:30 M-F (I think F's...)
      - Matchbox has a great happy hour: $2 off small pizzas and $4 "infused" martinis (they aren't terribly strong)
      - A good source for "happy hour" specials: (you can change the day of the week with the tabs on the top...not all have food specials, but most do)

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      1. re: Jeserf

        Haha! What would qualify as a "big beer" I wonder!?

          1. re: Jeserf

            The first Tuesday of the month participating restaurants in Adams Morgan offer a special--two entrees, two desserts and two drinks for $25. I know Perry's and L'Enfant participate. Some restaurants might alter the offering a bit, but it is a pretty good deal.

              1. re: amorgs

                Wow! That's a great deal! Do you know if there is a neighborhood assoc. website or something that might have the complete listing of restaurants?

                I've lived in AM for the past 2 years and never new about this deal. Now I'm moving to Dupont in a month...just when I find out about this great deal!!

                1. re: Elyssa

                  The event is run by Adams Morgan MainStreet. They're a great little neighborhood organization that helps to promote the neighborhood as a whole. Here's the link to their last First Tuesdays flyer for April:


                  I do volunteer for them, so consider this biased, but I think they're a great organization to be involved with - esp. if you are passionate about the neighborhood.

                  1. re: Elyssa

                    AM will miss you- it's a hard neighborhood to leave since there's so much good chow there and there are so many specials. It's hard to reveal that to outsiders to the area who think it's frat central.

                    This leads me to another special- The Reef gives 10% off to Adams Morgan residents (show a drivers license) Sunday through Thursday.

                    1. re: jpschust

                      "It's hard to reveal that to outsiders to the area who think it's frat central."

                      Why doesn't the community do more to try to clean it up?
                      I'd love to have dinner there on a Friday night without stepping garbage from overflowing garbage cans...or have to walk in the street just to get anywhere from people just staning around on sidewalks.

                      It detracts from the joy of going to a tasty restaurant. Not everyone can go during the week, so maybe if the community is so active, they should find a way to make it a better environment thursday-sunday. Or at least pressure the city to empty the trash cans on the weekends.

                      It's hard to patronize the restaurants you list like Bourbon or the Reef (which I actually want to visit) because of the environment.

                      1. re: Jeserf

                        To get the District to do anything is difficult at best. Right now there is a coalition of bar owners and restaurant owners who pay to have additional services, but franky it's nearly impossible to service that area during the evenings at that time with the influx of people. The sidewalks are narrow, the streets are small and it's in the middle of a neighborhood.

                        You're complaining about the aspects of visiting one of the older sections of the city with some of the oldest streets and structures. If the city and the neighborhood really wanted to do something, and this is something Jim Graham has proposed but gets shot down on all the time, they would close 18th street to traffic between Florida and Columbia every weekend during peak hours.

                        That said, if you're willing to brave the "frat central" misconception, between Cashion's, Pasta Mia, Astor, Amsterdam Falafel, all the bars with good food, Bardia's and Little Fountain cafe, I can't think of many other places in the city with affordable food in such a short radius.

                        1. re: jpschust

                          I'm not disagreeing with you, but I think the reputation isn't wrong. It's not a misconception. What keeps many people - including my group of friends - away is the atmosphere of the neighborhood. It's gross and not very appealing to go through that neighborhood to eat when U Street and 14th st, with just as many options, is less like 13th grade.

                          I'm young, but I hated that atmosphere in college and still hate it. Why can't they go to Virginia? I'm still slightly of the belief that if the residents want to change the neighorhood, they could. The bar owners are not going to do anything because they make most of their income off the bindge drinkers that full the neighborhood 3 nights a week.

                          I'll try bourbon at its other outlet for food, though.

          2. Never having been there, I can't vouch for either the pizza or the wine, but on Wednesdays, a bottle of wine is free with a pizza or two entrees at Radius Pizza.

            Reported in the Washington Post Sunday April 29 in the Source section. Lots of other cheap wine specials on various nights of the week in the same article.

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            1. re: MikeR

              Don't bother making the trip. Radius should pay people to eat their pizza.

            2. Another gem in Cleveland Park - Lavandou - a cute Provencal restaurant. They have specials Mon-Thurs that they advertise on their website, but not in the restaurant. Mondays - no corkage on wine; Tuesdays - unlimited moules frites for $15.95... etc. Aside from their specials, the regular menu is still very reasonably priced. I haven't been disappointed yet. Service is very... French, though.


              1. I remembered one more: Chef Geoff's has 1/2 off wine on Monday nights.