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Apr 30, 2007 10:38 AM

Jpan on 5th Avenue?

Has anyone been to this new sushi place Jpan? It's in Park Slope in Brooklyn. I picked up menus all along 5th avenue and looked through this menu when I got home. I'm not usually for fusion-y places but this one sounded like good stuff.

Eel and pineapple tempura roll with red and white tuna on top; spicy tuna and grilled banana; eel, tuna and mango roll topped with crab stick, almond, dried cranberry and wasabi aioli...

Sounds good, but I'm wary considering there are like 8 sushi restaurants within 7 blocks. Anyone tried it?

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    1. re: libraryhound

      287 5th Ave btwn 1st and 2nd street.

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        5th Ave? WOW ! A LOT OF COMPETITORS. Can't take a word from any site. Got to try it out myself :)

    2. We just went there tonight and it was wonderful. I had a dinner box, with shumai, seaweed salad, miso soup and choice of two entrees; had a spicy tuna roll and the salt and pepper shrimp, which was great. My husband had tempura, also good, and my kids had chicken udon, which was huge, delicious, and full of lots of fresh veggies. I would recommend this place. They also have nice back garden and the service was lovely.

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        1. I did notice that a lot of the menu items emulate Iron Chef House's menu like the eel fried rice and the "Never Know What Fish You'll Get" rice bowl or whatever it's called. I'll report back after this Saturday when I try it out.

        2. I live a few doors down from J Pan, and went there tonight for the first time, I was quite pleased. I ordered the "3 Famous Fish Sashimi" (Salmon, Tuna, and Yellowtail) and the Jpan roll.

          The sashimi was fresh and very good, with 18 pieces total, a nice portion. The roll was very interesting, with spicy salmon, white tuna, mango, and more. Combined it was a lot of food for one person.

          Decor is nice, modern, and stylish. I fear it could get very noisy when full, with all hard surfaces, but I hope not.

          Do they have a liquor license?

          1. After having tried most of the sushi places along 5th and 7th avenue in Park Slope, I decided to order from J'pan sushi last night - their menu looked appetizing, and the restaurant seemed to have their act together, so I figured it couldn't be that bad.

            I had the cold spinach salad with sesame house dressing - good, but a little fibrous.

            Then the age-dashi tofu, which tasted a little greasy, but fine.

            As mentioned above, I had the 'Three famous Sushi Dinner' with spicy triple mix roll. I had high expectations. But what I received were 2 pieces of the least fresh tuna I have ever seen. It was literally disintegrating, and the same tuna was in the rolls(so I had to throw it all away). The salmon was better, and the yellowtail was replaced by a white fish, which was similarly not fresh.

            I don't like to put down places that don't deserve it. But considering the health risk, serving disintegrating sushi to customers is just not acceptable.

            Perhaps it was an off night, or maybe they're not taking their take-out as seriously. People seem to think this place is good, so perhaps it's better when dining in.

            But, unfortunately, there are so many wonderful sushi restaurants in Park Slope that genuinely care about serving fresh fish to their customers(Mura, Sakura, Oshima) that I am not willing to find out whether Jpan Sushi cleans up their act.

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              I hope you reported the problem to them because I think they would have taken it very seriously. I was there for lunch a couple of days ago and in addition to very good, fresh food and larger than average servings, the servers were very solicitous. Twice, different servers came to us to ask how we liked the food, and if we liked their preparations. I think they are trying hard, so I wouldn't give up on them. I look forward to returning at dinner time to try some of their more adventurous offerings.