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Apr 30, 2007 10:12 AM

Supermac review

So I dound a thread about mac n cheese and it sparked a craving. Decided to satisty it at Supermac on 7th Ave....not so impressed. Went with 2 very hungry males and we ordered 5 different types of mac n cheese and the mac n cheese nuggets. The nuggets were great, but the other dishes were medicore at best.
Traditional: just a small step above the bright blue kraft box.
Cheeseburger: I have made Hamburger Helper that has much more flavor
Cheesesteak: only ok. Not horrible.
4 Cheese: very, very rich. Had the most flavor of all of them, but just too over the top.
Carbonara:sauce was very runny, but the flaovor was very good and they use real pancetta.

We got breadcrumbs on top of all and that was disappointing as well. When I make my homemade mac n cheese, I use fresh breadcrumbs because they are larger and you can really enjoy the contrast in texture. Supermac's breadcrumbs dissolved into the sauce and did not enhance it in anyway.

Has anybody else eaten there and want to share?

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  1. I had the B&G, (bacon, Thai pepper, and Gorgonzola) with breadcrumbs. My breadcrumbs were still crunchy after having travelled, covered, the four blocks back to my workplace. The macaroni themselves were the correct consistancy, and the tangy cheese and smoky bacon flavors were rich- very nice. (Good thing I ordered the small.) My only complaint is that it tasted like they omitted the peppers.

    Later on I noticed on the menu they popped in my bag, that Rice-to-Riches rice pudding is available. I love that stuff... The price for the pudding is low so I don't think you get much, but if you need to carb up for a marathon or something, what a way to go!

    I'll be back to try other flavors. Plus I'm crushing on the cutie working the register!

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