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Apr 30, 2007 10:12 AM

Friday night dining for 2 in Montreal


I've always gone to Montreal and eaten fairly simple foods (Bashas, Peel Pub, etc).
Im going in 2 weeks with my wife and was looking for something more interesting.

Ive had several people recommend the following and hope someone can give me some help on the options.

Les Heritiers
Yo Yo
La Colombe
La Prunelle

Im leaning towards either Yo Yo or La Colombe get mixed information on them.

Thanks for this.

As a side, anyone ever stay at Anne ma soeur Anne?


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  1. my vote is for Brunoise. Have eaten at Yo Yo and wasn't inspired. L'Express, if you have never been is certainly worth the visit. The others i am not familiar with.

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      Another vote for Brunoise. I was there this past Saturday evening and everything, from the amuse-bouche to dessert was A++++.