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Apr 30, 2007 10:00 AM

Russian Tea Room?

My aunt who will be 80 has it in her crazy head that she wants to go for lunch at the russian tea room? Isn't now called the New Russian Tea Room? Is it any good? Her other choice is Felida. She really just wants to go somewhere that she can brag about!!!! She is picky and will complain for her remaining days on earth if its no good!!!!
Ideas and comments welcome

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  1. The recently re-opened Russian Tea Room received poor reviews from most major restaurant critics with regard to both food and service. Plus, the executive chef was fired and no replacement has been announced. Doesn't sound like a particularly good choice for a picky person.

    I haven't been to Felidia, but the reports I've read on this board from Hounds who have seem mixed. Some love it while others have had disappointing experiences. You might want to do a search and decide if the pros outweight the cons.

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    1. I went to the RTR a few years ago, wound up going to McDonald's afterwards. Just like when I went to Tavern on the Green. Disappointed in both places, but must go just to say you've been.