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Apr 30, 2007 09:58 AM

APRIL 2007 MSP Month End UPDATE - inform your fellow chowhounds

April 30th it is!

Where have you been since......

Tell us - rants, raves, etc etc

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. had a great old-time Vietnamese type thing at Lotus uptown- baby bok choy and black
      mushrooms in a lovely ginger sauce. could eat this every day! went to little szechuan
      and was reassured they could do food without msg. had the julienned potato dish,
      green beans w/special sauce and stirfried on choy. All tasted yummy but unfortunately,
      was well-dosed with msg- my friend and I were quite altered by the end. If it's in the
      sauces, they really shouldn't be saying they can leave the msg out- unless they are
      willing to make you your own sauce!

      1. Hi, well I won't go into any detail again after my post about 112 Eatery except to say it was fantastic and we're already planning our next dinner there.
        The only other place we've been since mid month was Grand Cafe in Minneapolis. I was still on the hunt for a place to have my 50th birthday dinner so after reading some great reviews on here, we went.
        To start they put some flatbread on your table. Kind of a nice change from bread and something to nibble on while having some wine.
        Appetizers-We had the mussels. Great flavor, a little saltier than we both liked but would get them again.
        Dinner-I had the pot roast/brisket that came with a cauliflower, pot'o gratin. Gosh it was fall apart wonderful. Great flavor, so tender and also loved the pot's.
        My husband had the flat iron steak which he said was a great piece of steak on some really interesting pasta but once again the pasta was a little bit salty.
        Dessert-ok we should have skipped this as we were both so stuffed but we ordered the Banana chiffon which I thought would just be a light chiffon of some sort and didn't realize it was a nice size piece of banana chiffon cake. Very tasty but we were too full to appreciate it fuly.
        I did meet the owner Mary who was so charming and she showed us this lovely room where we could do a dinner for 18-20. I have to say that the room is so nice and anyone looking for a private room for a special day should consider it. We did decide to do the party there as I think it will be perfect for what I'm looking for.
        The whole restaurant is so nice with the wood floors, candles, etc. They had some great jazz music playing in the background. The service was also wonderful. Very attentive but not intrusive and definitely let us take our time eating.
        All in all a great dinner and I look forward to having my party there. If anyone has tried any of the other dishes on the menu I'd love your feedback as I can pick 4 dinners that will be a mini menu for the party goers. Thanks, Janice

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          Janice -

          Mary & Justin did a private dinner for me. It was wonderful!

          Are you doing a tasting menu? Or just narrowing their regular menu to a few items?

          1. re: St Paul Susie

            SPS, we are just doing a smaller regular menu where I pick 4 items off the menu. Did you do a tasting menu? What were your favorites in case I can pick some of them. It has such a great feeling in there and Mary was so wonderful to work with. I just knew after talking to her that I had to do a party there. Did you do desserts too? I think we'll be doing some appetizers beforehand also. J

        2. A few new things for me these past few weeks:

          Craftsman - we had a gift certificate from here that we finally got to use. I really enjoyed dinner there. It wasn't mind blowing or anything but a good and solid restaurant. We started with 2 cheeses that were described as strong and one as stinky, but they were just okay - not exceptionally strong. For my entree I got polenta which was fantastic and came with this ragu of veggies. Husband got lamb I think and it was very good.

          Italian place at 54th and Lyndale (Prima?) - We've eaten there once before and I picked up takeout while running errands. I got a very good mixed salad and then pasta bolognese sauce. It was okay, nothing special, and a little over priced.

          I went to the Herkimer for drinks and appetizers with some friends. We sat outside and it's just so loud right on Lyndale. I got the pretzel strips which were extremely greasy but their hefeweissen beer was very good.

          Then our usual favorites - Holy Land, Origami, Tum Rup Thai and India Palace. At India Palace we split the veggie sampler for two and it was perfect. We both were stuffed and I had two meals of left overs.

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            Yes, that's Prima. Terrific location, great-looking room, nice menu ... and they just aren't trying. It's been that way for years. Yet it still packs 'em in, somehow.

            1. re: Jordan

              I don't think they ever tried too hard. Same with their other place, Three Fish. Everything is fine, but completely forgettable.

          2. Fell in love with the Sample Room. Such history, great happy hour! In a historical neighborhood in Northeast Minneapolis, the restaurant and bar is located on the first floor, and the top floor housed a 4 bed hotel. Sample cheeses, meats, seafood and vegetables at $3-7 a piece. If any of the meats and seafood suit your fancy, get the entree the next time you go. 2124 Marshall St NE, Mpls.; 612.789.0333.
            Went to Everst on Grand - Nepalese buffet and was less than impressed. I had been there before, but Friday afternoon buffet provided bleak options. Also had a wonderful dinner at El Meson on 3450 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55408. (612) 822-8062 Fantastic Spanish and Carribean food! Last, nothing beats Victor's Cafe on 3756 Grand Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55409. (612)827-8948. The Lechon Asada with creole sauce and a glass of mango juice goes down real easy.

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              SAMPLE ROOM!I I went there after seeing Anthony Bourdain go there on "A Cook's Tour". They have the best ribs in town (perhaps existence) in my opinion...I order like seven plates every time.