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Asparagus dipping sauces?

SweetPhyl Apr 30, 2007 09:48 AM

I'm having a Derby Day party and serving grilled asparagus. I would love a nice "hollandaise" like dip for the asparagus...does anybody have a recipe?

Thanks oodles!

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  1. DanaB Apr 30, 2007 11:41 AM

    Why not just make hollandaise? There are many recipes out there on the 'net, but my favorite is Julia Child's, which is for classic hollandaise: http://www.leitesculinaria.com/recipe...

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    1. re: DanaB
      Melanie Wong Apr 30, 2007 11:45 AM

      Or Maltaise, hollandaise with orange zest.

    2. foodiegrl Apr 30, 2007 11:48 AM

      Also, a home made garlic aioli goes nicely with grilled asparagus. I find holladaise can be a bit too heavy with the toasty flavors of grilled asparagus. I find it better suited to blanched spears.

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      1. re: foodiegrl
        Melanie Wong Apr 30, 2007 11:53 AM

        Yes, I agree on the aioli with grilled or roasted asparagus. We've been getting good results dry-roasting the asparagus in a hot wok on the stove top.

      2. c
        Claudette Apr 30, 2007 01:17 PM

        Why not have more than one dip? I love hollandaise, aioli, and bagna cauda (or just mash an anchovy into a separate cup of aioli, and don't tell anyone beforehand).

        1. b
          berna Apr 30, 2007 02:39 PM

          try this asian flavored dip that goes very well with asparagus or sometimes I use it to make tuna tartare with avocado.
          1/2 c mayo
          2 tbs soy sauce
          1 tsp wasabi paste
          1 tsp sugar

          1. s
            sweetTooth Apr 30, 2007 04:13 PM

            This came together as a result of what I had on hand the other day - mayo, preserved lemons and kumquats, finely chopped mint. It was awesome with both roasted and steamed asparagus.

            1. Sam Fujisaka Apr 30, 2007 04:39 PM

              I keep pushing these two: a) miso mixed with a bit of lime/lemon juice and b) grated Parm-Reg or Pecorino mixed with a bit of lime/lemon juice (the cheese melts to form a smooth sauce).

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              1. re: Sam Fujisaka
                Melanie Wong Apr 30, 2007 04:53 PM

                I tried miso butter on 'gras and loved it.

              2. s
                Sharuf May 1, 2007 02:47 AM

                Assuming the asparagus is room temp. or cold, I do a cold takeoff on hollandaise. A bonus - it keeps in the fridge.

                Make some hollandaise. When it reaches room temperature, add half as much sour cream and mix well. Add mustard to taste.

                1. Carb Lover May 1, 2007 07:10 PM

                  I like grilled asparagus w/ a nut aillade. Zuni has a lovely recipe using pistachios or almonds. Hazelnut would also be nice...

                  1. c
                    cimui May 1, 2007 07:18 PM

                    I really love aji for this purpose. Try this one: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Peruvian...

                    1. h
                      HillJ May 2, 2007 06:22 AM

                      If you enjoy balsamic vinegar simmer it down to a syrup and add a splash of cognac for a delicious asparagus dip!

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