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Asparagus dipping sauces?

I'm having a Derby Day party and serving grilled asparagus. I would love a nice "hollandaise" like dip for the asparagus...does anybody have a recipe?

Thanks oodles!

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  1. Why not just make hollandaise? There are many recipes out there on the 'net, but my favorite is Julia Child's, which is for classic hollandaise: http://www.leitesculinaria.com/recipe...

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      Or Maltaise, hollandaise with orange zest.

    2. Also, a home made garlic aioli goes nicely with grilled asparagus. I find holladaise can be a bit too heavy with the toasty flavors of grilled asparagus. I find it better suited to blanched spears.

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        Yes, I agree on the aioli with grilled or roasted asparagus. We've been getting good results dry-roasting the asparagus in a hot wok on the stove top.

      2. Why not have more than one dip? I love hollandaise, aioli, and bagna cauda (or just mash an anchovy into a separate cup of aioli, and don't tell anyone beforehand).

        1. try this asian flavored dip that goes very well with asparagus or sometimes I use it to make tuna tartare with avocado.
          1/2 c mayo
          2 tbs soy sauce
          1 tsp wasabi paste
          1 tsp sugar

          1. This came together as a result of what I had on hand the other day - mayo, preserved lemons and kumquats, finely chopped mint. It was awesome with both roasted and steamed asparagus.

            1. I keep pushing these two: a) miso mixed with a bit of lime/lemon juice and b) grated Parm-Reg or Pecorino mixed with a bit of lime/lemon juice (the cheese melts to form a smooth sauce).

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                I tried miso butter on 'gras and loved it.

              2. Assuming the asparagus is room temp. or cold, I do a cold takeoff on hollandaise. A bonus - it keeps in the fridge.

                Make some hollandaise. When it reaches room temperature, add half as much sour cream and mix well. Add mustard to taste.

                1. I like grilled asparagus w/ a nut aillade. Zuni has a lovely recipe using pistachios or almonds. Hazelnut would also be nice...

                  1. I really love aji for this purpose. Try this one: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Peruvian...

                    1. If you enjoy balsamic vinegar simmer it down to a syrup and add a splash of cognac for a delicious asparagus dip!