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Apr 30, 2007 09:38 AM

Brandeis Graduation

Hi - any suggestions on a restaurant for a party of 10, the night of May 19th, graduation weekend? It can be anywhere within the vicinity of Waltham, and preferably will take reservations. Thanks for your help.

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  1. La Campania for italian, pricey.

    Marselino's, also italian, less pricey.

    1. Solea on Moody for tapas -

      Tuscan Grille on Moody for slightly less pricey Italian -

      Kouzina, just down the road in Waban section of Newton - nouveau Greek

      1. Wherever you choose make the reservation NOW, I made a res for 8 last week for that weekend in the waltham area and all we could get was a 5:30pm.

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          Thanks! I went ahead and reserved 5pm Sunday night at SkipJack's. I hope this online reservation thing really works. I have no idea how good this place is.

          1. re: elodea

            Did you try anywhere else? It's not the most exciting place in the world. Esp. for a big deal like a graduation.

            1. re: Joanie

              I'd definitly try the tuscan grill. I think they only take reservations the day or week before so you might still have a chance to get in. Skipjack's is bound to be a disappointment. There is also a great spanish tapas place on the other side of moody street. can' t remember the name though. More casual but delicous.

              1. re: katiekat

                Tuscan definitely takes reservations at least a week ahead, a work meal happened there and was reserved fairly far in advance.

        2. Does it have to be in Waltham? A few thoughts outside of Waltham....

          Alta Strada in Wellesley - Italian
          Blue Ginger - Wellesley - Ming Tsai's place (expensive)
          Lineage in Brookline - nice seafood, new american

          1. Thanks everyone! I am heading down there this Friday for the weekend with my daughter. She's taking me to a fondue place in Natick, and a show in Boston. We will do a scouting expedition and see if we can get reservations ahead of time somewhere - though Skipjacks is still in my back pocket as a last resort - but I will go and check it out. Any other suggestions for this expedition would be great.