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Apr 30, 2007 09:16 AM

FAB Atlanta report

My husband, his parents, and I went to French American Brasserie last Thursday. It was divine!
They still have the mussels and the pate and the white bean/truffle oil soup - all of which are amazing and definitely must-haves. For our entrees: skate wing, halibut, duck confit, and coq au vin, all of which were delicious!!
The restaurant itself is very pretty - and HUGE - there are a lot of tables on the first floor but also some on the mezanine-type level and some on the next level where the restrooms are.

The service and food were great, but because of its size I am worried about how long it will last..... so GO! Eat! Enjoy! Keep it in business so we can keep enjoying it!!!

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  1. It truly is great. It has several connections to Le Bernadine. I go about 3 times a week.
    I think it will last no question. It is huge. It is truly a Manhattan or Paris restautrant in ATL.


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    1. re: Rowdy Food

      I also think that after Twelve and those other condo buildings open, it will become more popular because more people will be in the area.

      1. re: Rowdy Food

        Going to ATL tomorrow and hope I can check it out. I don't know if I would really equate huge with a true Paris restaurant. My favorites tend to be 20 couverts or fewer.

        1. re: kirgirl

          Great valid point kirgirl

          Think more of a redneck saying " it is truly like a Paris restaurant in Atlanta with a sh*! can of tables " versus a more respectable French person saying "it is truly like a Parisian restaurant in Paris... with 20 couverts or less."

          If you are indeed French, you may be better off getting some good southern food while in the south. May I suggest Restaurant Eugene if a fancy small restaurant is your preference. Either way, good luck and welcome to ATL.


          1. re: Rowdy Food

            I agree with kgirl. I am upset that FAB is so huge - to me, that equates a drop in quality. How can they serve 300 people great meals? I wish more Atlanta restaurants were intimate and personal. So tired of the huge thing.

            1. re: tanktop

              Well from what it looked like when I was there, they are NOT serving 300 people! :)
              But the 75 of us who were there got a great meal.

              1. re: tanktop

                I've not been to FAB yet, but if B le C could pull off serving great food in a MALL, maybe they can also serve great meals to 300.

                1. re: danna

                  I am optimistic FAB can pull it off. Downtown ATL needs them IMO, and I need their food. Frites and lemon caper aioli specificly is whatl I need. Nice people here.

                  However, some trustworthy locals on had bad experiences during lunch rush hour and dinner. Personally, I have been there 7 times or more and always seem to have a great experience, but I also eat at 2PM or later for lunch and 9PM for dinner.

                  Tanktop and kirgirl, IMO, here are some reasonable and relatively more "intimate" French Restaurants in the ATL area to also consider:

                  -Atmosphere (my fave -but also walkable for me)
                  -Les Fleur De Lis Cafe (fave of many and definitely intimate)
                  -Cafe Alsace
                  -Petite Auberge (good rep but not as close
                  -South of France

                  BTW, nice blog danna.


                  1. re: Rowdy Food

                    Atmosphere is that one on Piedmont just north of Monroe, right? I've always seen it but never gone inside.... So you say it's worth a go?

                    1. re: laurendlewis

                      In the context of "intimate," it is quite reasonable. Note "intimate" excludes FAB and Trois. I will say Atmosphere is probably my favorite of the "intimate" French restaurants, but I am heavily biased because of my proximity to Atmosphere. Before I say "it's worth a go," it would help to know more about your style. Chances are you will like it for a romantic evening with your husband. I prefer to eat when no band is present unless eating at the bar. Check it out and let me know what you think. Ultimately, I definitely think it is worth a go. The little house alone is worth the trip. Reservations are a must.



                      1. re: Rowdy Food

                        Great to come back and read all the comments. Not French Rowdy - except in my soul... I'll be going in a few weeks and found the site while looking for some new places to try in Paris (need to phone in for reservations now!) But I love good dining and wine - probably why we don't have children at almost 40, we couldn't bear the thought of having to eat at home. So if you are coming to Greensboro or going to Paris I'd be glad to give my picks.

                        1. re: kirgirl

                          Paris is always a hopeful destination. You know it has been a while for me... maybe I will start working on that...
                          I would say, don't fear cooking at home. I ain't a "cook," but I started cooking a bunch of French food at home. I have cooked nearly every recipe in Bourdain's Les Halles cookbook... not to mention many Pepin and Child dishes. My appreciation and knowledge of French food has improved tremendously. I hear 'ya though... good dining and wine... Have fun for all of us in Paris. Cheers.

        2. I had a lunch rush experience that was very mixed. Being in a somewhat boring mood as this was a business lunch, I ordered a simple quiche. The quiche itself was very good, though it seems that the restaurant has a bad case of portion elephantisis. (I ordered quiche because I wanted a LIGHT lunch.)

          The problem here was the service was absolutely horrible. Meals were forgitten. The food did not arrive for an hour. There was overall confusion.

          I am willing to write this off to a new restaurant working off its kinks. But this has got to improve, or those 300 spaces will not be filled.

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          1. re: alonzo

            I mentioned something about the bathroom to the manager, and he was so so nice about it - you might give them a call and mention the experience just as a head's up... They know it's new and kinks need to be worked out, and I found that my suggestion was well taken.